Going On A Diet

The decision is made; I’m going on a strict diet. Now, don’t judge me. I really don’t like the way things are now. More often than not, I feel frustrated, helpless and ugly. I can’t look at the mirror without feeling guilty about all the foods I have gobbled down…without thinking, “What could I have done differently?”. A drastic measure is the definite answer.

After a discussion with Hunny, I’m proud to announce that for the best of things, I shall go on a diet. And I really hope to gather your support.

Are you still judging me or thinking I’ve gone insane? No worries if you are because GOTCHA! 🙂

Yes, I’m still going on a diet but not to lose weight but to manage my boy’s eczema. My gut feelings told me that besides heat, he may be allergic to what I eat. Hence, I’ll be challenging temptations by going on a strict elimination diet, commencing today.

For a week, I will stay clear of dairy products and monitor for any improvements. Bye bye to my favourite dose of nightly ice cream indulgence 😦 If his rashes maintain or worsen, I’ll reintroduce dairy into my diet again but this time around, I’ll avoid gluten foods. Other possible allergenic foods include yeast, citrus/acidic and sugar products.

This is going to be tough but I’m determined to pinpoint the culprit that has been bothering my son for a while now. I will survive, I will persist, I will succeed! Don’t I sound like some kind of a direct selling/insurance agent now? Kekeke!

Wish me luck 🙂


4 thoughts on “Going On A Diet

    1. joeyllhow

      I’ve already eliminated nuts, soy and chocolate from my diet prior to commencing this but the rashes still appear. It’s my 3rd day of non-dairy diet and not much improvements are seen yet. I’m suspecting it’s gluten.

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