Babies As The Perfect Peace Ambassadors

Recently, Hubby talked about how babies make the perfect peace ambassadors for the world. They bring smiles and break people barriers. They attract strangers to come by, stop and initiate conversations with their parents. Additionally, they are also the sources of friendship, pulling mothers together.

Shopping, dining and running errands with a baby is fun. These days, everywhere we go, it’s not unusual to be talked to by a stranger upon seeing Ewan. I’m glad that my son’s friendliness make people of all ages wave, smile and stop to say hello. Some make funny faces to impress him while some come near to stroke his face or touch his hands. Many would ask, “How old is he?”.

We were dining at Ikea when Ewan started cooing to the baby at the next table. Soon both of them were exchanging smiles and babbles. It made us adults smiled and started talking. It was such a heart-warming experience.

Just weeks ago, while I was shopping in Brands Outlet, a girl and a boy aged roughly between 6 – 10 years came running to us and started playing with Ewan. My boy whom as usual, loves the presence of toddlers and children, squealed in excitement. They became friends immediately – no conditions, no discrimination and no reservation.

If everyone around the world practises the way babies break the ice and create relationships, world peace would be possible.


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