Merry December!

I love Decembers! It’s my favorite month of the year. First there are my parents’ birthdays just a week apart, then the Winter Solstice celebration where we have little round glutinous rice balls with family followed by Christmas and the arrival of a new year. This year, my December will be intensified by the presence of Ewan and a Christmas-themed playdate. What’s missing to perfect the whole ambience is probably snow, just like on TV! 🙂

Never say never. I never thought I would be one of those parents who go gaga over Christmas decorations in shopping malls. I used to think, “Never seen a Christmas tree meh?” And there I was in 1Utama recently, posing in front of a white Christmas tree and taking photos. It’s going to be my baby’s first Christmas, what the heck! 

Today also marks the arrival of one of my girlfriends’ second princess. As I type this at 8.40am, she’s in the operation theatre waiting to welcome her baby into the world. How time flies! Jong Ping and I used to attend primary school together, then secondary school. We kept in close touch, saw each other dated, got married, got pregnant and became a mom. I still remember when she went into labour during her first pregnancy, we girlfriends thronged the hospital to see her. In the agony of labour pain, she had to manage our antics there and then. At that time, we single unmarried girls didn’t understand why she looked so stressed. Having gone through child labour myself now, I finally understand her predicament then. That was why we decided to leave her peacefully alone today 🙂 We still love you to bits though, Ping! 

Here’s a HUGE welcome to her little bundle of joy! 


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