Playdate #3

We had our 3rd playdate with the tiger cubs last Sunday. I didn’t take many photos this time around as there were enough cameras going around.

Some quick highlights of the playdate, hosted by May Yee:

We welcomed two more new babies into the gang a.k.a. Baby Tigers Club. Seated on far left corner were Lillian and her strong boy Tristan while Emily and her little princess Sophia were seated on far right corner.

See how big the group has become?

Babies grow REALLY fast. During Playdate #2 at Yen’s just 2 months ago, Natey, Ewan and Zoey were just learning to crawl while Sophie was trying to master flipping. Now, they not only crawl but move really fast. Sophie, on the other hand, knows how to roll over and has grown so much hair! Here’s Zoey sitting up and posing for the camera like a real pro…

To officiate the growing club, Emily kindly baked a delicious butter cake adorned with a too-pretty-to-eat baby. Isn’t she so talented? I wished I can create cakes like this! Emily owns My Cake Closet.

Coming up next, the highly anticipated *ahem* Christmas Playdate hosted by yours truly! Stay tuned 🙂


4 thoughts on “Playdate #3

  1. May Yee

    Thank you for being there! I notice that each time when there is a BB get together & when she is with other BBs, Sophie’s milestones will accelerate!

    Cant wait for 26th!

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