Part #3: Bet You Didn’t Know…

One need not look far for knowledge. Throughout my week-long stay at my parents’ recently, I learned a lot from Tri, my Mom’s Indonesian helper.  

Tri taught me how to make pulut inti, kuih ketayap, coconut wrap Ala rempah udang Indonesian-style. I also learned bits and pieces about child rearing in rural Indonesia. 

Guess what solids babies over 6 months are fed with? Like us, vegetables and fruits puree BUT instead of adding breastmilk, water or formula milk, they mix it with coconut milk! I was shocked to hear this. Wouldn’t this cause wind in the tummy? Apparently, it’s completely fine.

Originating from a rural village off Jakarta (sorry I can’t remember the name), Tri has a 4-year old son back home. She expressed how convenient cloth diapering is upon seeing Ewan wearing them. Back in her hometown, they don’t have such a luxury. The traditional cloth napkin is used throughout toddlerhood. How do they keep the napkin intact when the baby moves around so much? They use a plastic wrapper and tie it to baby’s back, instead of sides. Ahhh…

Bet you didn’t know this, right? Except you, Nancy!


5 thoughts on “Part #3: Bet You Didn’t Know…

  1. Nancy

    I didn’t know that they use cloth as a diaper and use plastic wrapper and tie it to baby’s back. I thought they didn’t use any diaper and just change the baby’s clothes once it’s wet from pee and poo. LOL 🙂

  2. mikichua

    just to add on.. the baby sling thingy that has been such an “in” thing now a days .. is actually their “gendong”. they use a special long sarung and wrap around and carry the baby. and now we’re paying hundreds to buy tat! ok-lah those are prettier.. but idea was from them..

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