Tackling Eczema Pt #2

A couple of months ago, I shared a recipe for managing Ewan’s eczema. Thinking that we could finally put this battle to rest with the discovery of compatible toiletries, we were surprised to find that his skin condition continued to deteriorate. The red and coarse patches of rashes around his eyes, cheeks and chin would flare up in less than a day but take around 2-3 weeks to heal. Then before we could joyously whisper “Yay, his skin looks good today!”, the rashes would come back. 

Not only an eye sore, these rashes itch and disturb Ewan’s sleep too. We have tried every means and ways to manage his eczema which include: 

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
2. Consulted pediatricians after pediatricians 
3. Wearing socks on his hands when he sleeps every night
4. Trimming and filing his nails every 2 days to prevent scratches on his face
5. Adjusting and trying various room temperatures 
4. Cleaning his bedsheets and toys on a weekly basis
5. Investing in an air filter
6. Investing in a humidifier as he sleeps in air-conditioned room nightly
7. Separating him and Odee to eliminate pet fur as an allergen
8. Trying and throwing out more skincare products from Sebamed Baby, Cetaphil and Eubos Bath Oil, Azeera and more. He currently uses Oilatum as bath oil, Buds Top to Toe Wash as shampoo, Physiogel AI as face cream and Aveeno as body cream. Thanks to Bi Qiu for her sample organic coconut oil which works wonders in calming his skin.
9. Going on an elimination diet 
10. Trying various traditional remedies ie. Olive oil
11. Keeping him cool and dry at all times 
12. We’re desperate for a solution, hence we seek help from God(s!) too!

I’m also guilty of feeding him prescribed anti-histamine at the first sight of his rashes. Once in a blue moon, when the condition gets really uncontrollable and affects him badly, we would apply some prescribed steroid cream on him. 

We were trying to pinpoint the allergens that trigger the rashes but so far, nothing seems really absolute. Could it be food? Dust mites? Pet danders? Heat? 

We need a genie. 


13 thoughts on “Tackling Eczema Pt #2

  1. Eczema is primarily due to a food allergy.

    – Keep the skin well moisturized using a plain moisturizing cream
    – use soap as infrequently as possible as it robs the skin of oils. When you use soap, use one with lot of moisturizers or use a nondetergent cleanser.
    – Bath should be in warm but not hot water and should last about 10 minutes. if shorter, the skin does not have time to soak up the water; if much longer, the skin can become overhydrated and itches more. When drying your child are a bath, pat the skin dry. The best time to apply moisturizer is within 3 minutes after a bath

    1. joeyllhow

      Yes it’s heart-breaking and at times, stressful. Bamboo clothings are expensive! I always ensure he’s dressed lightly in cotton day in and out. Even at night, he doesn’t wear long sleeve pajamas to sleep.

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Jenny, it’s definitely not the laundry detergent as we have tried and tested two brands on him. Both seemed fine. We’re now using Cosway Kiddi Wash.

  2. Carmen


    My eldest son now already 2 years old used to have eczema also when baby that time especially the face. I understood how you felt when look at baby’s eczema skin. He always had it on and off. Then one day a doctor prescribed Protopic cream, is a non-steroid cream for eczema but very expensive cost about RM100. It did wonders to my son’s skin but it does have side effect if you google around though it is a non-steroid cream. That time I did not aware of the side effects of the cream. But according to the web, only use it if all other treatments are not working and only prolong use will have the side effect.

    After the skin is cured, we use sebamed lotion everyday and apply few times a day. After bath, after nap and so on. But after that, we use QV lotion. I found that QV lotion is better. Since then, his eczema doesn’t flare up again. My second baby is now using QV lotion. Sometimes the eczema started to develop, I apply a thick QV lotion layer to her face and it recovers very fast. I read from the QV website, if eczema, use with QV cream is better as it is thicker. Just apply few times a day to make sure Ewan’s skin in 24 hours moistorize even during he is sleeping.

    If you worry to use Protopic, you can use the steroid cream first then once it is recover, then try apply thick QV few times a day. Or have you tried the Angel Baby Bottom Balm? Heard that it can help in ezcema but I never use it before. Does Ewan tend to rub his face on the bed during sleep? Hope this helps.

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Carmen,

      First off, thanks for visiting my blog and dropping some great tips. I really appreciate your kindness.

      QV is indeed a very good cream. Ewan used it for a month before we decided to change to Physiogel as his skin is really dry and needs something extremely moisturizing. Once my Aveeno finishes, I will get a tube of QV as his body cream. When did your son outgrow his eczema? I really hope it’s a temporary condition.

      He was prescribed all sorts of steroid cream before ranging from Hydrocortisone, Elomet, Decocort and another antibioitic cream called Clotrimazole. I’m trying my best to avoid these medications if possible.

      Yes he does rub his face a lot throughout the night. That’s why he must wear socks on his hands to sleep every night. There was once we forgot to put on socks for him and he woke up with scratches all over his face and scalp 😦

  3. priscilla

    Hi Joey – eczema is something I have suffered with my whole life and now I think I see my little daughter getting it too. Have you tried taking Ewan to a TCM (trad chinese medicine) herbalist or a naturopathic doctor? I have found these alternative treatments a lot more effective than creams. I’m just not sure if they treat babies but it has really worked for me as an adult. Good luck!

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Priscilla,

      Yayyy, this is your first comment 🙂 Thanks for dropping me a note. I’m really grateful.

      According to one of the pediatricians we consulted, the chances of baby inheriting eczema if one of the parents is a carrier is 60%. Ewan missed the 40% lucky chance. We have never tried TCM before; I’m not sure if herbs are OK for such young babies. Maybe if the condition doesn’t improve, I’ll ask around for good recommendations.

  4. Carmen

    Hi Joey,

    When he outgrow ar? I think around 7 – 9 months, I can’t remember haha, bad mommy. I remembered that doctor said the reason my son getting it on and off is because the inner layer is damaged while the medication we applied (that time applying ezzera) only heal the outer layer. So that’s why it comes back again. May I ask how long you applied the steroid cream then you stopped it once you see it is recovered? I read from other blogs that even their baby skin is recovered, they still apply the Elomet like in alternate day for several days or once in 3 days then only stop to make sure it is 100% recovered. Or once you see the skin is fine, you apply Decozol (non-steroid) cream for several days? I know you want avoid these steroid medications, I also don’t like it but sometimes no choice. Let it 100% recover then we maintain it with good moisturizer. Last time I will curi-curi apply moisturizer to my son’s face when he sleep. The TCM suggested by Priscilla maybe can try also, they will ask one how old is your baby.

    1. joeyllhow

      The longest I’ve used a steroid cream was 2 days in a row. My heart ached each time I apply it on his face. Maybe you’re right about the inner and outer layer theory. Here’s hoping that I won’t have to turn to these medications anymore soon. I’m still praying hard that he will outgrow this one day.

  5. Hi Joey, Thanks for the post about Dr. Mardziah.. Do you mind give me the clinic’s contact number. I wished to meet her. Nope I’m not a Eczema patient. My condition bit more serious than Eczema. U could drop by my blog to check It out.
    I’m her ex patient when she’s still working in HKL now she change to other hospital I’ve been looking for her for few years already.
    Thank U very much… : )

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