First (Real) Word

Guess what Ewan’s first real word is? No, not “Mommy” or “Daddy” (how I wished it was!). 

It’s something that’s part of his body. It’s also something that almost everyone owns at home. It’s fun to juggle and play with. Sometimes we fondle it, sometimes we squeeze it real hard. Ahaaa…are you thinking of what I’m thinking?! 🙂

It’s “BALL”! And he pronounces the ending ‘L’ vowel clearly. No kidding, it’s not just any casual baby babbles. He says it discriminately while patting or pointing to his ball, one of his favourite toys. Even my second sister can attest to this *wink*

His next word is probably going to be “FAN”, which he calls it “PAH” every time he points at the ceiling fan. 

Do I have a David Beckham in the making? I’m going to be a rich mom! 🙂


6 thoughts on “First (Real) Word

  1. Hooray for Ewan! I can already see his super adorable expression 🙂

    Babies are so cute. Don’t you wish to zap time and make them stay that way forever. That means we don’t grow old either kekeke.

    Let’s play ball on 26th!

    1. joeyllhow

      Old? What’s that? I’m just 21 and you are too, always, remember? :))

      Yes let’s play ball on 26th! Which ball are you talking about? ;p

  2. miki chua

    Boys will always be boys….. my son can’t even walk he is already kicking the ball.. so scared he’ll trip over but he just happily kicking arnd. *pengsan*

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