O Christmas Tree!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree
Thy leaves are green forever
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree
Thy beauty leaves thee never
Thy leaves are green in summer’s prime
Thy leaves are green at Christmas time
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree
Thy leaves are green forever

Every year without fail, our Christmas tree is up by the first week of December. With a baby, things change. House is messier, clothes are shabbier and time becomes a luxury. Nonetheless, Ewan turned our house into a home. 

After two weeks of time chasing coupled with lots of “we’ll put it up tomorrow”, our trusty Christmas tree was up and glittering yesterday. No specific theme colour this year; we decided to put up all ornaments. And guess what? It took us 4 days to get this simple tree done:

Monday – Hubby set up the tree. One set of the lights was not working. 

Tuesday – Hubby bought a new set of lights. The other set which was working fine, gave way too. 

Wednesday – It rained in the evening and Hubby didn’t get a chance to buy another set of lights. By the time the rain stopped and our weekly cleaners left, the shop has closed. 

Thursday – The missing puzzle was finally here. We decorated the tree and ta-daa! It’s up and running 🙂

Some tips on Christmas tree decorating I’ve discovered: 

~ Run the lights from inside out, top to bottom
~ Make sure to include baubles inside the tree to create a “depth”
~ Watch out for little mischievous hands and paws trying to reach for those lovely baubles. Cordon it off shopping mall-style if possible.

What’s missing now are nicely-wrapped presents underneath the tree! Fa-la-la-la-la 🙂


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