Ewan Turns 9 Months!

It takes 9 long months to bake a baby to full-term. If your pregnancy happens to be more challenging, this 9 months feel like forever.

But once baby pops, everything zooms by. It certainly didn’t feel that long to bounce a 9-month old baby in my arms, which happens to be today! 

At 9 months old, Ewan (or fondly known as “Bao Bei” to me):

~ Weighs 8.0kg (measured around 1.5 weeks ago)
~ Utters his first word “ball”
~ Clings to his Daddy like a koala bear in the daytime
~ Sticks to me like my Siamese twin at night
~ Takes 3 meals of solids per day. He saves his appetite for dinner. 
~ Likes pumpkin with anything!
~ Takes a total of 3.5 to 4 hours of nap in the daytime, an improvement from 2 hours – all thanks to Pantley’s No-Cry Sleep Solution. We are still working on helping him sleep through the night
~ Responds to words like “light”, “Christmas tree”, “fan”, “kick”, “Odee”. I thought I heard him say “Bu yao” when I forced requested him to drink water
~ Drinks 5oz of breast milk every 3 hours, up 1oz from last month
~ Attempts “Look ma, no hands!” while standing 
~ Begins to express his likes and dislikes rather strongly. I hope this is not how he will be like as a toddler *shivers*

Here’s to 9 months!


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