Cloth Diapering Pt #3: Building Up The Stash

They’re here! They’re here! I’ve never been more excited to see the Skynet delivery man outside my house. 

Whoaaa...what's inside?

I’ve been doing some “wise shopping” recently by taking advantage of the great year-end bargains to stock up on Ewan’s cloth diaper (CD) stash. So when I found out that Clarissa from Mama Paradise is bringing in the Bumgenius 4.0 Artist Series – Chelsea Perry Tiny Socialite Collection, I couldn’t breathe for a while (OK, maybe 2 seconds). Bumgenius, first time in printed designs! They have them in Eiffel Tower (black) and Concrete Jungle (red), the two colours missing in our CD collection! We have to have it! Even Ewan agreed; he drooled when I showed him the designs from my laptop.

So we did, at a special price of RM80 each. Pricey but really, you get what you pay for. Our old Bumgenius CDs still look as good as new despite being used for more than 6 months with a minimum of 2 washes weekly, compared to its cheaper, local counterparts which have started showing signs of wear and tear. So it’s a good INVESTMENT!

Aren't these the loveliest thing ever? I can eat them up 🙂

Then, Baby-Mel announced its gala sale. Gosh! Fuzzibunz at RM69 with a saving of RM19 each! Double gosh. The lady boss, Angelia, who is so friendly and accommodating, offered me more discounts here and there. Triple gosh. You tell me, how to resist?! So Fuzzibunz for Ewan to try it is then. 

Fuzzibunz in Apple Green

Then, May Yee sent us an email to say that Gifts from Heaven is having a sale too. Their cloth diapers – printed designs yo…- are going at RM37.80! Oh dear, where can I find such cute design at such price?! Besides, baby really needs more CDs. Besides again, we haven’t tried this brand before and it’s more affordable too. So it’s a need, not a want. Right? Right! That’s why we need to choose our friends properly; friends like May Yee shares good shopping tips! *wink wink*

Gifts from Heaven? Nehhh...I bought it!

I actually ordered 1 piece only but they sent me the wrong, old plain design (RM31.50). Instead of returning and exchanging the CD (which is a hassle), the owner Hennie gave me the option of keeping the current CD and get another at RM10 rebate + refund of price difference + free delivery. That means, I only paid RM21.50 for the printed design! Fabulous deal, isn’t it?

Image taken from website

Then (yes, another then), my sister-in-law decided to give me two brand new Coolababy. For fhweeeeeee…! FOC. You tell me, how to say no?!

Free Coolababy

Hence, from a 12-CD stash, our collection grew to 19 within a week. I’m a contented mommy, E is a happy drooling baby too. Hubby is frowning a little though. I shall stop shopping for new CDs this year (and resume next year) 🙂

Please pardon my craze for cloth diapers, only PG will understand this ‘disease’. Hers is severe, mine is almost severe. Right, PG? 😉


12 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering Pt #3: Building Up The Stash

  1. Wow 19! We have 7 but only using 5 cause N outgrew 2. We’re also using ours daily and washing daily too. Somehow they are still in pretty good condition. So how to ask the husband for more? *hmm*

    Let me know your verdicts soon on all designs so we can also enjoy the sale price ok!

    I also prefer Pockets. I still have 6 pieces of brand new inserts.

    1. joeyllhow

      Five? Which makes me wonder how do you rotate and manage. Do the covers get dry in time? Because on rainy days like that, my CDs can remain at the laundry line for a few days. Even with our previous 12-CD stash, they weren’t enough. E uses a minimum of 5 pcs daily and we do our laundry every 2 days.

    1. joeyllhow

      Go green, save the Earth May Yee! Especially if you’re planning to have more than 1 child, CDs are most economical in the long term. My jumbo pack of disposable diapers can usually last us around 3 months.

    1. joeyllhow

      Yes you should! Do keep in mind that to cloth diaper your baby fully during the daytime with doing laundry daily, you will need at least 5-6 CDs. Starting when she’s around 2.5 months is most ideal.

      I personally prefer Velcro because E is a very active baby and changing him is at times a challenge, hence Velcro gets the job done faster. But snaps last longer.

  2. mikichua

    Woman! don’t temp me with yours ok. i already tahan for 1yr plus not to get it… using the conventional kain lampin all these time had really made me very tired of washing…
    anyway i tot CD dry fast? i know mine knickernappies dries up quite fast..insert takes times la

    1. joeyllhow

      On rainy days like this, even when the cover is dry, there’s still smell. I prefer the cover to be really really dry with no smell.

      I want to learn, how do you keep the kain lampin intact on Jboy when he moves around so actively? Won’t fall off? Another question is, how do you change him quickly with lampin?

      1. mikichua

        oh… fr young i train him to wait.. i tell him wait mama wrap/changing. he’ll wait lo.. dunno le… surprisingly the rascal can listen..hahaha
        i use the old fashion pin (which belongs to me ;p) coz the claw pin nowdays tend to koyakkan all my kain lampin.

  3. PG

    There u go Joey! The disease has spread to u so quickly which i totally understand how torturing is that not to buy more especially when u see nice design with good price! Nvm u r not alone here but i have managed to slowly control the virus to spread further on myself, but mebbe after another 2 more BG! 🙂 I have got 30 now!!!!!!!! And i bought the recent batch quietly without informing my HB!

    1. joeyllhow

      30! Wow, Jeff will never run out of CDs to wear! So you got BG artist series too? Which design? Oooo, they’re yummy! Your Hubby will understand and agree if he sees them too. Really really! Ok, let’s restrict our disease. If there’s any CD sales, don’t tell each other ok? :))

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