‘Tis The Season To….Bake!

Crispy rice ornament treat

I stumbled upon a very interesting baking kit for children at Cold Storage the other day. A huge fan for food products with nice packaging, I grabbed the Crayola’s Teddy Bear Gingerbread Cookie Baking Kit and told my 2nd sister about it. A few days later, she bought a box of Deck The Halls Crispy Rice Ornament Kit and a masak-masak date was planned. 

Last week, Sis brought her kids over for a “Christmas Fun Baking Session”.

The instructions on the boxes were clear enough for all of us to understand. My 9-year old nephew Sean and 7-year old niece Ker Syn had a great time decorating the rice cereal ornaments with icing pens. 

Sean and Syn hard at work

Here are the final outcomes. Pretty right? They taste yummy too!

Their masterpieces!

The teddy bear gingerbread was a little tedious though. The shapes didn’t stay in place after we cut them out. There were long-necked, earless or headless teddy bears. After several times of trial and error, we decided to get creative and make our own shapes, just like PlayDoh. We had stars, half moons, snowman, hand-shaped teddy bear, snake, alphabets and more on the tray. Sean even said, “I’m going to make a 3D object!”

Play dough, anyone?

I didn’t snap a photo of the ginger breads as most of them cracked in the oven. They taste really crispy and delicious though. We will save the decorations for another time. 

It was a fun baking session with my niece and nephew. I’ll definitely do this again one day when Ewan is a little older. One important thing they taught my aging brain that day was, never ever underestimate a child’s creativity! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Everyone! *hugssssssssss*


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