Christmas Playdate

Once upon a Christmas, on a Boxing Day, four little Christmas fairies gathered at a quaint cottage for a lovely afternoon luncheon party.  

They are Noble Natey, Eager Ewan, Zesty Zoey and Stylish Sophie.

Along with their giant elfs who came dressed in the Christmas colours of red, green and white (almost everyone!), they babbled about the future of babyhood and the latest solids they have tasted. 

Zoey: I object! My mommy elf makes the best porridge in the whole fairyworld!

Noble Natey and Eager Ewan spent time digging each other’s ears. 

Ewan: Aiyer, did your mommy elf clean your ears? | Natey: Gotttt!

Eager Ewan flirted with Zesty Zoey.

Ewan: With you by my side honeypie Zoey, the sippy always seems half full | Zoey: Awww...same here, cookie

Noble Natey didn’t lose out either; he bonded with Stylish Sophie. 

Natey: Mommy elf, what do you think of this babe as your future fairy daughter-in-law?

To add merriment to the atmosphere, each little precious brought a present for each other:

Ewan: Do you like my present, Zoey dear?

~ Noble Natey to Eager Ewan: Eebees cloth book
~ Eager Ewan to Noble Natey: Elmo toy car
~ Zesty Zoey to Stylish Sophie: Eebees clothbook (what a coincidence!)
~ Stylish Sophie to Zesty Zoey: bagpack

Ewan: Let me help you, let me help you! | Natey: Excuse me, is this your present or mine?

The guardian of the cottage, Lord Odee, received presents too!

Thank you, May Yee & Jac!

No gathering of the little royal highnesses is complete without a feast. There were sumptuous roast beef, pasta bolognese, chicken pie, salad, fruit cake, mini tarts, ice-cream and more for everyone to savour. Sorry I was so hungry I totally forgot about snapping a picture of the dishes.

Suddenly, almost 4 hours later, little fairy Tenacious Tristan appeared at the doorstep to join in the fun. Eager Ewan eagerly showed Tenacious Tristan a few tricks. 

Ewan: This is how we become a Mat Rempit! | Tristan: Cool!! Mommy, you should see this!

The get-together ended at 6pm when the little fairies needed to recharge and called it a day. 

And they all went home and lived happily ever after. 

The end. 


21 thoughts on “Christmas Playdate

  1. Sye Fen

    Hi Luan Luan, Merry Christmas to you & your family. Hope i’m not too late 🙂 While reading your updated blog, i noticed 2 toys which my hubby’s niece & nephew hav the same one, the kitchen table & the small “Mat Rempit” bike.. 🙂 wat a coincidence….

    1. joeyllhow

      Merry Christmas to you & Hubby, Sye Fen!

      Hehe, Ewan’s kitchen table was inherited from his cousin while the bike was a present from Steve’s friends.

      When’s your turn? 🙂

  2. OMG this is so so funny! Hahhaha.. The picture of Ewan digging Natey’s ear reminds me of a Paik Sim EATING my toes when we were little. They will all grow up and read this post and ROTFLTAO 😀

    1. joeyllhow

      Ha…must ask Paik Sim how your toes tasted like! During the last playdate, Tristan let Ewan chewed on his fingers. We missed that shot LOL

  3. Yay! You finally beat me to this post hehe. I’m still recovering from the playdate. You wrote it so well, I’m gonna just link mine back to yours la keke 😛

    Thanks for having us today. It was the best-est 1st Christmas ever. Whoever’s hosting next year’s gotta top yours 😉

  4. Robin Chin

    Season Greetings and Happy new year from Chicago, Illinois
    Really wish I was there.. looks like loads of FUN!!!

    Loved the Mat rempit!

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