Review: Baby Milk Bottle

Important: This post is written with no intention to damage/tarnish the reputation of any said brands. I did not receive any free products or remuneration from any party for this review. The remarks are solely based on my observation and preference, and may differ from yours.

I have always thought of breastfeeding my child even before I got pregnant. So when it was time to buy milk bottles, we set out to find those that would assist in a smooth transition between breast and bottle.

Since birth, Ewan has tried two bottle brands namely Tommee Tippee and NUK Premium Choice.

Here’s my review:



#1 Teat Design
The teat design of TT is indeed closer to nature. The wide-shaped, breast-like teat enables baby to latch on in almost the same way as breastfeeding – mouth wide open. Its very soft silicone teat flexes/moves during feeding, mimicking a natural breastfeeding action. The downside is, the nipple tends to sink in as baby’s mouth moves while drinking but with practice over the months, Ewan no longer had such problem. Also, some milk tends to get trapped around the teat ring and requires some shaking of the bottle for the milk to flow down. 

NUK comes with a really soft, improved lip support silicone teat that is supposed to resemble breast ‘for a more natural feeding’ but its shape does not justify its claims, at least to me. The teat is so soft that it compresses during feeds and makes suckling difficult or near to impossible. Unlatching is a must to continue with feeding. 

#2 Anti-Colic Valve
Both brands have the anti-colic valve features. On how effective they are, I’m rather doubtful as Ewan had his bouts of colic during the sixth to eighth week nonetheless.

#3 Extra Wide Neck
Both brands come with extra wide neck. This is especially useful to prevent spillage of expressed breastmilk when pouring in a rush. TT’s neck diameter is 1.5cm larger than NUK’s.

#4 Volume Indicator
NUK has a very clear, easy-to-read volume indicator which is also said to be fade-resistant. TT’s can only be read when you place the bottle against the sunlight or darker shades. This is annoying especially during the first few weeks when we had to be fast in preparing milk for my impatient, hungry newborn.
Updated: The recent, improved batches of TT bottles come in clearly-printed volume indicator.

#5 Bottle Shape
Compared to NUK, TT’s unconventional bottle shape allows easy and comfortable gripping for both adults and babies’ small hands. It mimics the natural position of breastfeeding too.

#6 Teat Cover
It always takes me a few attempts to cover TT bottles properly due to its design. With NUK, the protective teat cover snaps on easily without much hassle.

Overall, Ewan used TT more often than NUK. He had no problem switching between bottle and breast since one week old. 

Despite the disadvantages above, Ewan cooperates and drinks quickly whenever we use TT while with NUK, the compression of teat tends to slow him down and make him lose interest in drinking after a while. On the other hand, I prefer the practicality of NUK’s clearly printed volume indicator and its cute/colourful cartoon design.

Baby prefers TT, Mommy likes NUK. Since baby is the one using it, TT is the clear winner. I will not hesitate to use Tommee Tippee again for baby #2.

I heard that Mam isn’t too bad as well. Any comments?


2 thoughts on “Review: Baby Milk Bottle

  1. ling

    insightful and comprehensive. useful for someone with a goo brain like me. j uses tommy tippee too and i agree about the soft teat and the cover. was a stroke of luck, meaning no research was done before i got the bottles during my 1st tri. could’ve easily gotten something that only has esthetic value.

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