My Latest Obsession #3: Post Raisin Bran

Which brand of cereal do you like? During my pregnancy, I used to take LOTS of Kellogg’s Special K not because it’s tasty, but because my nutritionist said so. Its sugar content is really low, so I could take several bowls of Special K everyday and not worry about my blood sugar levels.

Gone are the days when I have to painstakingly watch my sugar intake. My pregnancy has trained my palate to prefer less flavourful = less additives foods. These days, Post Raisin Bran occupies my kitchen cupboard instead.

The bran flakes don’t taste much but its generous portion of SunMaid raisins add a healthy flavour to my breakfast. Try one today!


4 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession #3: Post Raisin Bran

  1. mikichua

    SAME! during pregnancy i always take 1pack of milk and 1 tupperware of corn flakes and my colleagues thinks i’m OVER eating healthy. Actually coz it’s my fav and i take it every day at home even tho not preggy! hahhahaha…

    now i’m eating POST also with some grain, berries and nuts.. yummy… i can take my 3 meals with these! muahahah….

    1. joeyllhow

      POST cereals are indeed nice, right? For the price and size, it’s worth it. A box can usually last us more than 2 weeks. Now that I can’t take milk, I mix it with soymilk

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