Mumbling Monday

Hi peeps! Sorry I’ve been really quiet for the past few days. Bub, Odee and I were back at my parents’ for a week while Hunny went to Stockholm for a business trip. Although there was help from mom and her helpers, I felt handicapped without Hunny. He’s a great help, I can’t deny that. Odee missed his Daddy the most, refusing food on the first day.

Nothing much happened there except that I was hoping to spend more time with mom but she got busy preparing for Chinese New Year. Then, Ewan caught a flu bug there and is still recovering now. Taking care of an active 9-month old is tiring but nursing a sick baby to good health is hugely challenging. He was restless, grumpy and inconsolable. Hunny and I haven’t had a good rest for the past two nights.

From my constant updating and bugging in Facebook, you probably have known that I’m now busy rallying for votes for the Friso Flaunt It! Contest which I participated. If I win anything, all prizes will go to Taman Megah Care Centre for Disabled Children. Let’s hope my first attempt for a charity effort like this bears fruit and there will be more to come. Hope you have voted too. FYI, a person can vote every 24 hours so whenever you’re taking a leisurely stroll in FB, do drop by and spare me a few clicks ya?

In my next post, I’ll be sharing something that works really well for eczema-prone babies. To me, it’s Heaven-sent!

Got to go now, Bub is up from his power nap again. Hopefully he won’t wake up to fuss tonight, like yesterday for 3 hours. I’m sleep-deprived…


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