Tackling Eczema Pt #5: Scratchsleeves

Those who suffer from eczema or with children affected by it will know that this “disease” is an itchy affair. If left unattended, the constant scratching often leads to scars and bleeding wounds.

For Ewan, his scalp and face are most affected. Despite clipping his nails every other day, he still somehow manages to hurt his skin. Hence, every night without fail, we put on socks on his little hands before kissing him goodnight. During the first few months, mittens worked really well but as soon as picked up his grasping skills, I found myself waking up numerous times in a night to put back the socks on for him. Having endured this for almost four months, I was determined to find a solution that doesn’t include swaddling, tying him up or putting him in a sleeping bag.

Google is God-sent, Scratchsleeves is Heaven-delivered! We came across Scratchsleeves one day and ordered one without hesitation. Two weeks later, it arrived.

What We Love Most About Scratchsleeves?
#1 The mitts stay firmly in place throughout the whole night. It’s a peace of mind and sleep for all of us!
#2 The mitts are designed to be dual-layered; cotton on inner layer allows movement of fingers while soft silk on outer layer minimizes the impact of scratching.
#3 Entire piece is made from soft knitted cotton, perfect for eczema-prone skin.
#4 Easy to put on and take off; Ewan hasn’t resisted so far.
#5 It’s affordable at only £7.50 each with £4 for shipping fee from UK (approximately RM56 in total).

Scratchsleeves comes in various sizes from 0 to 36 months. Customized piece is also available upon request. So yes Pelf, to answer to your question in the previous post, this may work for adult babies with eczema 🙂

Thanks to Scratchsleeves, I can now sleep through and hopefully Ewan will follow suit soon 🙂


9 thoughts on “Tackling Eczema Pt #5: Scratchsleeves

    1. Joey

      I seriously don’t want to imagine you wearing scratchsleeves. Funny wei! They customize sizes, so yes. Maybe don’t scratch with fingernails, use your knuckles instead. Did the motorbike rempit incident left a permanent scar on your leg?

      1. Yup, I’ve got a permanent 3×2 inch scar on the inside of my right knee. And the stupid eczema on my right knee. I’ve got patches like some kind of disease!

      2. joeyllhow

        Gosh u need legs makeover, dear! Switch shower gel immediately to oilatum or eubos bath oil. For moisturizer, physiogel cream or QV works well to prevent itchiness. You may want to soak your eczema skin in oats water too.

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