Ewan Turns 10 Months

Lift up both your hands, spread your fingers wide and that’s how many months Ewan is now! He turned 10 months old three days ago but Mommy has been too busy to put up a post.

Left: Ewan's "ha-o?" trick | Right: Eczema is still very much part of him

Among his little antics at 10 months old are:

~ Whenever we say “hello”, he would put his hand to his ear while holding on to whatever object he has and babble “ha-o”. Sometimes the “conversation” will extend beyond more unexplainable babbles. Hilarious…
~ According to Daddy, he can stand unsupported for eight seconds. I didn’t witness that though…
~ Fall asleep on his own at night! This is a “smilestone” worth remembering as he has always been a nurse-to-sleep baby, thanks to Pantley’s No-Cry Sleep Solution again 🙂
~ His face lights up whenever his Daddy comes home from work
~ Loves his nursery rhymes reading sessions where he would sit and watch as I flip the pages and recite
~ Loves oatmeal raisin bread or basically anything I eat
~ Knows how to “gong xi gong xi” in time for CNY. Yes!!
~ Tries to make eye contact with anyone and everyone whenever we go out. A social butterfly in the making!
~ Other words he has babbled clearly so far are “diaper”, “pau pau”, “che che” and “book”. Also responds to words like “tree”, “doggie”, “flower” and “clock”.
~ He has learned how to climb up his bike on his own. Also discovered how his Christmas gift of Playskool’s Busy Ball Popper works.

FYI: His monthly milestone posts were/are written with no intentions to brag or flaunt but rather serve as a journal for me to keep track of his developments, just like what this blog is intended for too. I find it important to note this as I have been misunderstood before.


9 thoughts on “Ewan Turns 10 Months

  1. Jennifer

    Come on.. even if you were to brag, so what? If others cant take it, simple – do not read your blog. Just ignore those negative comments, Joey. They are like parasites. Cant live alone and existed to harm others!
    Kisses to Baby E. Miss you dearly too. Take care babe!

    1. joeyllhow

      Wow garangnya Ms Meow! 🙂

      I miss talking to you too. That’s why you should come for the potluck. We’ll try to meet up with you for lunch after CNY.

  2. Screw *ahem* them! This is your blog and I agree with Jennifer. Don’t like, then don’t read. Simple as that 😉

    Brag, flaunt, blow your trumpet! Cause you got it. We wanna celebrate these milestones with you! Woohoo to Ewan Chua 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      Need to borrow your screw, Jac! This is my personal blog and hence, I have the rights to say whatever I want. Besides, every baby grows at a different rate; there’s no point comparing as E may be faster in this but slower in other areas. We parents know the best!

  3. Mama Singlet


    He is such a clever boy! I agree with the rest, be happy with what your son can achieve =D

    We all have to be careful not to become one of those moms who love to boast about our kids, just to make others feel inferior…As long as you are not doing it to intentionally be superior to someone else, share your joy!

    LOL, my baby does the ‘handphone’ thing too, but doesnt say hello yet!

    Hope Ewan’s eczema is getting better *crosses fingers*

  4. Carmen

    Hi Joey,

    May I know how much you bought the Pantley’s No-Cry Sleep Solution book? How long you practice it on Ewan then only see the results?

    1. joeyllhow

      It took us around 1 month with consistent repetition of same routine. The amount of time varies for each baby though; some may take longer, some faster but as long as we practice consistency and faith, our effort will yield results. If I’m not mistaken, the book costs RM65+ in MPH. I’ll try to post some findings I’ve gathered from the book soon. Get a copy, it’s really beneficial.

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