Wordful Wednesday

I have been wanting to sit down and blog since last week but something kept taking priority. We had a crazy and tiring week. So hectic that I tried to catch up with my sleep whenever there was some free time.

Ewan came down with a viral infection since we returned from Malacca. Just when I thought the virus was gone for good, he fell ill again last Wednesday night. For about two hours, he kept crying. Not knowing what was bothering him, we brought him to the hospital at 10pm. Turned out that the virus was still there and causing him colicky pain. We came home, gave him the medications and called it a night. At around 4am, he woke me up for a feed. His body was boiling hot but the little one didn’t seem bothered at all. The thermometer read 39.4’C. After trying to sponge him for half an hour to no avail, we rushed him to the hospital again. The medical staff sponged him down, inserted a suppository into his anal area, took some blood tests (which came out negative) and sent us home. We slept in until 10am that day.

I have had the week planned out really well. What happened to Ewan wasn’t part of the plan, obviously. Seeing that he was feeling better by then, I went for a massage date with Christina. The spa experience was nothing to shout about but we had a blast chatting non-stop at Tropicana Medical Centre. What a venue to catch up, ya? Christina and I would have continued talking if it wasn’t because I had to go pick up Audrey from the airport.

Flying in from Singapore for the weekend, Audrey was my coursemate from university days in Melbourne. Ever since we graduated, we would try to visit each other at least once a year. My last trip to Singapore was in December 2009 when I was 7 months pregnant with Ewan. Shopping with her has always been fun. This time around, I brought her to Sunway Pyramid (for Dragon-i, Topshop, Ms Selfridge, MNG), One Utama for her Wacoal (apparently, we have a wider variety here and they’re cheaper too) and Bangsar Village for Vincci+ (she loves the shoes there!) as well as boutique hopping at Telawi area. Thanks to her, I managed to do some well-deserved wardrobe replenishment. πŸ™‚

After she left on Sunday morning, Chee Ying, my former classmate from high school, paid us a visit, bringing a great news that she’s engaged to a Spanish guy and the big day is going to be sometime this November. Congrats, CY!

Later that night, we checked out Dish Deli at Solaris Mont Kiara for Ewan’s and Zoey’s upcoming birthday party. It looks really great in website but in real, a little below my expectation. Its food was rather delicious though.

Recently, Hunny and I have agreed to cut down our computer time at night and communicate more face-to-face. We’ve seen how some families/couples stare intensely at their mobile phones instead of talking to each other when dining out and we certainly do not want that for our family. Hence, the cut down on Internet usage. Every Tuesday night is now limited to 30-minute computer time.

Hunny’s cousin from Canada is coming tomorrow and we’ll be busy bringing her around. So bear with me if the blog quietens down for a while.

One more week to Chinese New Year. I’m excited as it means feasting non-stop, lion dance and Ewan’s first CNY!

By the way, if you’re wondering, Ewan is feeling much better now and recovering well. His grandpa is here to dot on him while I blog away… πŸ™‚

Happy Chinese New Year, peeps! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


4 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday

  1. Miki

    thank God E is better now…

    I also hv the same problem. but i can’t limit my Ha-B from the PC coz he need to edit his photos… but i really feel it’s a huge issue

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