Review: Breastpump Comparisons Pt #1

I have been wanting to share my feedback on breastpumps a few months back but as usual, life as a stay-at-home mom is as unpredictable as ever. But here we are today, thanks to Fazleen who suggested and motivated me to share reviews about them.

The next few posts encompass my experience and opinion about the breastpumps I have used so far, namely Medela Swing, Medela Lactina, Spectra 3 and the latest addition to my breastfeeding journey, Medela Freestyle.

Breastpumps, especially electric ones from reputable brands, do not come cheap. However, investing in a better quality one does help to ensure a smoother breastfeeding experience (I can attest to this!). When choosing a breastpump, there are several factors to consider. Are you a working mom or a stay-home mom? How long do you plan to breastfeed? How frequent are you planning to pump? Where will you be using the pump? What’s your budget? For guidance, check out some useful tips from Babycenter and Mayo Clinic.

Here’s a brief comparison table on key features of the above mentioned pumps (For clearer view, please click on the table).

For a start, feast your eyes on the beautiful blog of mellomouse, where she shares her verdict on Manual vs Electric as well as reviews Medela Harmony and Ameda Lactaline Personal.

Some other useful resources include Breastpump Comparisons and Breastpump Direct.

Stay tuned for the next post as I share my feedback on Medela Swing.


10 thoughts on “Review: Breastpump Comparisons Pt #1

  1. angeline

    hi there, very interesting post. 🙂 i am a swing user and now contemplating whether to upgrade to a freestyle. since you have used both, what are your thoughts about it? would really appreciate your feedback. thanks

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Angeline, thanks for dropping by. I will recommend Freestyle wholeheartedly! It’s like the Ferrari or Prada of breastpumps 😉 – portable, highly efficient, comfortable & quiet. Go for it! FYI, it’s a lot cheaper in US/Canada so if you know someone there, get them to buy for you. It’s really overpriced here

  2. angeline

    hmm.. what about warranty? did u get yours from US? I am looking at buying from UK. It is also a lot cheaper compared to buying from here but am slightly worried about warranty issues…

    1. joeyllhow

      I got mine from Canada. Warranty is 1 year too. There’s actually an official Medela distributor here in KL: LACTAEQUIP MEDICAL (M) SDN. BHD. Lot B – 2 M, Jalan Selaman 1,
      Dataran Palma Off, Jalan Ampang Phone #: (00603) 4270 11 28

      I believe that if there’s any problem with the pump (which I really doubt so as my Swing worked well without any problems), we can always send it back for repair. I’m a risk taker :)) You may want to call up the office to double check

  3. Fazleen

    Hi Joey!

    Hopefully it’s not too late for me to wish you a very happy Chinese New Year 🙂 I have been quite busy with school for the last two weeks.

    My eyes were shining brightly looking at the title – I’ve been waiting for the post 🙂 thank you!

    Madela Freestyle is quite expensive, but for long-term use it is reasonable. A friend told that if you look around ebay (ofcourse, look for brand new only) you can get it for around £120-£200. Although as other things sold on ebay it varies every day.

    Again, this post is very informative, thank you for sharing!


    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Fazleen, thanks for the inspiration! I’ve been on a writer’s block lately and your email came at the right time ;P

      Albeit short and not as detailed as I wanted it to be, hope the reviews helped. I’m still procrastinating on starting with the next post of Medela Lactina. Hopefully by this week ya! 🙂

      Thanks again.

  4. Hi Joey,

    love your blog and I always follow your blog.

    I am now using Avent single electric pump. Every pumping session takes me about 30mins, worst..I am a working mum. I am really thought of upgrade to Medela FS. But I have BF my little girl for 6 months now. I don’t know how long I still can go so far (of course, I will want to BF exclusively for at least a year). I wonder if it is really worthwhile to upgrade to Medela FS at this point of time.
    Comparing FS and Swing..which one quieter?
    And since FS is comes with hands free it easy to assemble the thing? I love FS also due to it is hands free .. so I can pump while working in office…

    1. joeyllhow


      Thanks for your compliments. Nothing (besides my baby & Hubby) beats hearing nice words from people like you. I’m honored. 

      When I was contemplating whether to upgrade to Medela FS, E was already 9 months old. At that point, I bottlefed him in the daytime and breastfeed directly at night. It was getting difficult for me to let down with Spectra 3 and since we do want a second baby, we invested in Medela FS. I have no complaints about it so far. 

      It’s really worth buying one if you’re planning to breastfeed beyond 1yo and/or have more babies. Highly portable and comfortable that you can bring it everywhere. 

      In terms of quietness, both are the same. They generate same kind of vibration and are silent enough to act as white noise. Just try to get someone to buy from UK/US/Canada for you, can save a LOT! 

      I haven’t tried the handsfree pumping so far because it is so efficient I only take 10mins to get things done and as such, not worth the hassle to put on handsfree gear. I should get about it soon 🙂

      Again, thanks for your support! 

  5. Mandy

    Hi Joey,

    I was in the midst looking for breastpump and I came accross to your blog while I’m googling. Love your blog as I can get many infos here. 🙂 Would like to get your advice as I don’t know which should i go for. I’ve 3 pumps in my list now which is Spectra 3, Medela Swing and Medela mini-electric. Comparing these 3 which one is the comfortable to use? Appreciate your feedback. 🙂

    1. Hi Mandy, my review can be considered pretty up outdated now as there are many new brands of breastpump in the market now. If you will be working full-time and planning to breastfeed beyond 6 months, I strongly recommend getting a double electric breastpump. It cuts down pumping time, boosts milk supply and is generally more efficient. Many first-time moms tend to think “I’m not sure if I’ll have enough milk supply” and “No point buying something more expensive so let’s try with a single pump first” but it’s usually a big mistake. They will usually end up buying 2 pumps in the end because the single pump takes up too much time and doesn’t do much in helping with milk supply. All in all, invest now and your baby & you will benefit from the wonders of breastfeeding.

      Spectra 3 is no longer in production, I believe. They have a newer version now but overall, Spectra does its job but doesn’t give comfort. First-time moms will find the pump a little strong. I’ve come across not-so-good reviews about Medela mini electric. I would suggest going with Ameda Lactaline or if you have the budget, Medela Freestyle / Pump In Style. There are people selling preloved ones too – just need to send it for servicing before using it.

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