Review: Breastpump Comparisons Pt #2 – Medela Swing

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Medela Swing was my first love/encounter with breastpumps. Without the budget to purchase a good double pump at that time, we settled with Medela Swing, mainly because of its portability and cute design. Medela Swing went on to kick start and save my breastfeeding journey. I owe this pump a great deal because without it, I don’t think Ewan will be breastfed until today.

To cut the long story, I couldn’t breastfeed Ewan directly for the first two weeks as he was hospitalised in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for five days and my inflamed haemorrhoids made it very uncomfortable to latch him on thereafter. To stimulate milk production, I used its two-phase expression feature for the first few days and by the third day, my milk arrived.

About 2-Phase Expression
Everytime you nurse your baby, observe and feel the suckling motion. You’ll notice that babies nurse in two phases – they suckle fast and light at first before switching to a slower, deeper suckle for the actual feeding phase.

Medela mimics and converts these natural nursing actions into technology and voila, it’s called the 2-Phase Expression feature which stimulates and expresses milk.

Read more about other great features of Medela Swing here.

My Feedback:
~ Medela Swing comes with rubbery soft breastshields that feel comfortable and smooth on your breasts. Nothing plasticky or hard.
~ As I have always had problem with letting down, the Stimulation Phase helps to massage and encourage let-down.
~ It works on both AC adapter and 4 AA batteries, making it really portable. I can pump anytime and anywhere I want. However, it is less economical if you are using it solely with batteries.
~ It has four parts to wash and assemble. Most importantly, its thin white valves do not succumb too quickly from the daily wear and tear, as opposed to another pump I have tried.
~ I won’t say that the pump doesn’t make any noise at all but it is definitely quieter than other breastpumps I have used. I used to put it on the bed while pumping but the vibration always wakes Ewan. Also because he’s a light sleeper.
~ The only downside is, it’s a single pump and as such, pumping takes around 30 minutes to complete. Great for stay-at-home moms who will pump once in a while only but if you’re a working mom who is planning for at least 6 months, it’s better to invest on a double pump.

To make way for a double pump, I sold my beloved Medela Swing.


9 thoughts on “Review: Breastpump Comparisons Pt #2 – Medela Swing

  1. Angeline

    There is no ‘like’ icon in this blog, else i would have clicked on it! I love my swing. I used it since my baby can’t latch on properly and it has served me very well for the pass 2 months. I am now waiting for the freestyle… hehe…. it is on it’s way! yay….. i will probably sell of my swing too.. thanks for the reply…. 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Angeline, there’s actually a Like button in each post. It’s a star icon just right before the Comment column, stating “Be the first to like this post.

      Ahh, you decided to go ahead with Freestyle! Trust me, no regrets with that. It’s worth every penny spent, really.

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  3. tara

    hey there, i’v seen the swing on a really good offer £60 and was thinking to buy 2units as a DIY double pump but just wondered if you thought this would be do-able – we can’t really afoord the freestyle double pump but we could stretch if it is the better option.

    Any advice greatly appreciated,thanks

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Tara, thanks for visiting and dropping a comment. 

      Whoa, buying 2 Swings as a makeshift double pump is actually a really clever idea. I never thought of that. And 60 pounds is a steal! I’m imagining using 2 Swings at one go and yes, I think it’s doable although the experience can be a little less comfortable with positioning both pumps and shields properly while pumping. Also, you would need to wash more parts. Plus, if you are planning to pump anywhere, 2 devices cam be heavier and more hassleful to lug around. 

      If you can stretch your budget a little further, I feel that Freestyle is a better buy. The extra features that Swing doesn’t have include  #1 it comes with handsfree pumping kit #2 it has a memory feature where you will only need to set how long you would like the stimulation and expression to be once only and let the devoid does its job in subsequent sessions. Additionally, if you’re planning to have more than 1 child, it’s worth it. 

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