CNY Playdate

Better late than never. This post was supposed to be up weeks ago but preparations for Chinese New Year and relatives visiting got the better of me. So here we go…

On 30 January 2011, we had a mini CNY playdate. The attendance was supposed to be full, comprising of 7 mommies, 6 daddies, 7 babies and 1 toddler but the recent infectious viral flu made many ill. In the end, only Jac’s and Emily’s family as well as our latest addition to the Tiger babies club, Ling and Baby Jonah, showed up.

Baby Sophia reached another of her milestones of sitting up!
Samantha loves the busy ball popper
The must-take group shot! Also new in the photo are Emily's husband, Chris (standing) and our cousin from Canada, Yasmina (sitting far left)

Emily and family left shortly after lunch and guess who appeared at our doorstep hours later? Ling and Jonah!

The baby of all tiger babies in the club, Jonah was only 2 months plus then. He’s such a cuddly and irresistible baby! Seeing and carrying him made me want to have #2 like NOW! I miss those times when Ewan was just a little newborn.

Isn't he the most handsome little baby? So precious!

We went oooh and aaah over Baby Jonah (and you too, Ling!)


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