Ewan Turns 11 Months!

One more month to ONE! Wait a minute, didn’t I just give birth a few months back? 🙂 Our darling boy is graduating from being a baby to toddler soon and I didn’t even feel that coming yet.

The past 11 months have been a rollercoaster ride of tiredness, confusion and anxiousness but most of all, laughter and happiness. He’s indeed our bundle of joy (what’s labour pain and lack of sleep?!)

At 11 months old, Ewan…

~ Communicates and expresses himself more clearly. When he wants a book, he says “book”. Whenever we change him, he says “diaper” (to him, any kind of clothing is diaper!), signs “no” when he had enough milk, signs “cat” whenever we say it or he sees one and utters “pao pao” whenever he wants to be carried.
~ Among other words he picked up recently and pronounce understandingly clear are “fish”, “water”, “bye bye” and “flower”.
~ Physically, he is still learning how to stand unsupported. We have seen him doing it (unintentionally) several times.
~ Loves climbing up the stairs so much it has started to become a bedtime routine! He crawls up so quickly as if something’s chasing him from behind.
~ Makes this silliest and cutest face with both eyes squinted. The first time he did that, I cried tears of joy because it was so adorable and funny.
~ Is probably one of the smiliest babies I’ve ever met! Everytime I look at him and smile, he will return a grin. Whenever we dine out, he would look around the restaurant, try to make eye contact with people (especially girls) and give the most charming smile to them. Must be a trick Daddy taught him.
~ Is a bookworm in the making. He asks for his books first thing in the morning and last thing at night. At times he would sit down quietly, flip through the pages on his own and mumble baby language. Priceless moment!
~ His favourite books are Humpty Dumpty, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the Animals series.
~ Still loves his foods (thank goodness, fingers crossed!)
~ Still loves water and bathtime. He recently discovered how to switch on the bathtub tap and would giggle everytime the water splashes on him.
~ Eczema is much more stable after I completely eliminated all three culprits from our diets. Mommy lost so much weight, baby seemed to be coping better, so it’s all worth it!
~ He has also rejected both soy formula brands I’ve recently introduced. We’ll wait until next month to start weaning and supplementing him with calcium-fortified oatmilk.
~ Seems to be catching up on the sleep he missed a couple of months before; he takes an average of 3.5-hour nap in the daytime. Joy to the world (for me)!
~ Outings for just the two of us are more manageable and safer these days, thanks to Yasi (who slapped senses into our minds that it’s unsafe to place a ca rseat on front passenger seat) and Chinese New Year (too many buckling and unbuckling during visits)

And the countdown for the big day (which we have decided to keep it small & simple) begins…yayy!


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