Review: Breastpump Comparisons Pt #3 – Medela Lactina

Image sourced from Mamalink

My experience with Medela Lactina came into the picture during my confinement period. Due to the excruciating pain from haemorrhoids, I could not sit up for too long for the first three weeks. Pumping was the only way to go at that time. Medela Swing‘s two-phase expression feature did an extremely good job in establishing my milk supply. However, as it is a single pump, every pumping session took at least 30 minutes. At that time, I was pumping every two hours diligently throughout the clock, totalling 11-12 pumping sessions in a day. Yes, I still don’t believe I went through and survived that.

The daytime sessions were bearable but waking up bleary-eyed every two hours at night to pump for 30-40 minutes including washing and sterilizing the breastpump parts was horrendous. That was when we decided to rent a Medela Lactina from Mamalink.

All you need to do is call up Mamalink, check for availability, purchase the breastshield sets (approximately RM145+ for double pumping), pay for the initial two months’ rental and you’re ready to go. The rental costs RM100 per month. For more information, please click here.

My Feedback:
~ As it is a hospital-grade pump, Medela Lactina is nowhere near portable. It is bulky, heavy and definitely not recommended for mobile pumping. The pump comes in a toolbox look-alike.
~ It is powerful and as such, can be rather painful especially for delicate nipples. Thankfully, there is a suction adjuster. To find a comfortable suction level, just turn clockwise for a higher suction and vice versa.
~ The breastshields are made of plastic and as such, are not as comfortable as rubbery soft breastshields like those in Medela Swing and Medela Freestyle.
~ It has three parts to wash and assemble. Its thin white valves are hardy and easy to upkeep.
~ It is definitely louder than all the pumps I’ve tried before. It’s not powerful for no reason 🙂
~ The great thing about Medela Lactina is its versatility. You can use it for single, double or manual pumping. Once you’ve decided to return the pump, the purchased breastshields set can be converted into a hand pump.
~ Another plus point of renting a Medela Lactina is, it allows you to gauge the kind of pump you are most comfortable with before investing in a personal one. Additionally, if breastfeeding isn’t your cup of tea, at least you get to test the water with Medela Lactina first instead of purchasing one and not knowing what to do with it after that.

Overall, Medela Lactina does its job well in extracting breastmilk but do not expect anything more than that. The two-phase expression is not applicable for this pump. If you’re a first-time mom-to-be, are overwhelmed with the huge variety of breastpumps available in the market and are unsure if you’re the breastfeeding kind (it ain’t that hard!), you may want to rent Medela Lactina to get a “hang” of it first.

Hope the review helps.


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