I Won A Wet Bag!

Look what arrived in my mailbox?

My sunny yellow Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag I’ve won from a giveaway by Mummy’s Reviews!

“Cheh, wet bag only mah,” I hear you say? It’s a biggie to me because I haven’t won anything in dinosaur years! And the part about forgetting my participation in the giveaway made it even more surprising and sweet.

I am never lucky when it comes to contests. Maybe I’m just bad at slogans or answering questions, maybe I’m just plain unlucky. The first thing I’ve ever walked away with back in my teenage years was a travel bag from 100Plus. And that was because I diligently collect the soft drink tabs everywhere I went 🙂

No, this delicious-looking wet bag isn’t going to charity. I’m keeping it for myself 😀

Thank you, Tiny Pants and Mummy’s Reviews!


4 thoughts on “I Won A Wet Bag!

    1. joeyllhow

      A wet bag is a multipurpose waterproof bag to store anything from dirty diapers, wet clothes after swimming, beach toys etc

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