Wordful Wednesday 9.3.2011

I’m guilty as charged; my blog has been rather quiet lately and my procrastination is the culprit. Although I have so much to say, my body and mind have been in a sloth mode lately. These days, when I have the extra time (like now), I’d rather be in the kitchen cooking up a storm for both Hubby and Baby. I’m not sure what got into me recently but experimenting with food inspires me.

As a result, Hubby has been rather well-fed and Ewan has had the opportunity to try even more types of vegetables, fruits and meats. And that explains why his rashes erupted again. He’s got a very paranoid immune system which seems to think everything is a hazard to his health. As people always console me, he will outgrow it one day and luckily enough, his rashes come and go more swiftly now compared to weeks last time. We are better in handling comments from people too.

What else have I been up to? Spending time with Hunny at night and catching up on the movies I’ve missed out. On weekends, it’s all about family activities or meeting up with friends.

We have also been doing a research on early childhood education methods that are available in the market. Darling boy’s Musikhaus lessons are coming to an end soon and we’re planning to enrol him in a more inspiring programme. We figured that the move will be a win-win situation for all of us; he get to socialize with other babies and learn from experts while I get to learn how to interact and be a better parent. We’ve been in the waiting list for Shichida since the past six months and according to a source, the April intake is unlikely taking place due to lack of teachers. As such, we are now looking for other equally good alternatives such as Tweedlewink and Heguru. Wish us luck!

Oh, we have had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to have two kids in our family recently too. Ling entrusted me and Lillian to babysit her 3-month old Jonah and boy, it was such an eye-opening and adventurous day. No wonder it takes 9 months to carry a human baby to full-term because any earlier than that and with another older child, it’s going to be a mad house (especially if both cry at the same time)! Jonah is a sweet and cooperative baby; he’s so much easier to care for compared to Ewan at his age but I’m just not cut out to be a mother of two young children 🙂

Also in the cards is planning for Ewan and Zoey’s combined birthday party cum playdate.

Crossing my fingers that this won’t be my last post until uhmmm….Ewan turns one?

May you be well and happy always!


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