Review: Breastpump Comparisons Pt #5 – Medela Freestyle

All hail the Ferrari of breastpumps, Medela Freestyle! Guess you already know what my verdict is. In a nutshell…two thumbs up, a great investment and a must-have for breastfeeding moms.

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I got my Freestyle when Ewan was around 9 months old. Pretty late, right? Initially, I thought any double pumps would do the job as long as the milk gets extracted. How wrong was I. You get what you pay for. So when Ewan’s paediatrician recommended us to continue breastfeeding for as long as possible due to his food allergies that cause eczema, we decided to invest in a Freestyle. Coincidentally, our cousin Yasmina was visiting from Canada and we jumped at the opportunity to buy from there. In total, we saved around RM1,100 from its retail price in Malaysia. HUGE savings, isn’t it? We have Yasmina to thank for lugging the pump all the way here 🙂 *hugs*

Here’s my feedback:
~ It’s a hands-free breastpump! How cool is that? Although honestly, I have yet to try the hands-free kit (comprising replacement bra adapters, replacement bra adapters’ hook & eye and support belt & extension) because it’s so portable and efficient to the extent that the feature wasn’t necessary yet.
~ Another extra feature that other pumps I’ve reviewed exclude is, a memory setting. All you need to do is to set the duration of time you would like for stimulation and expression phase ONCE only and the device will do its job automatically for subsequent sessions.
~ Like Medela Swing, it comes with rubbery soft breastshields that feel comfortable and smooth on your breasts. They called them the SoftFit breastshields. Nothing plasticky or hard.
~ As I have always had problem with letting down, the Stimulation Phase helps to massage and encourage let-down.
~ It works on both AC adapter and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. So far, I’ve not utilised the AC adapter feature and have only charged the battery once, which lasted me for so long considering each pumping session takes around 10 minutes only. According to the booklet, each charge-up gives three hours of pumping, so that means I can use it for 18 times before recharging it.
~ Even smaller than Swing, it is highly portable. I can just slip it into my handbag and run.
~ The digital display lights up when in use, making it really useful for late night pumpings.
~ The only forgivable downside is, it has five parts to wash and assemble. Freestyle does not come with two thin and tiny white valves but instead, two round and large membranes that make them very durable and impossible to “curve up” or go missing.
~ As quiet as swing. Vibration from device is similar too.
~ It can be also used as a single pump.

If you have the budget, recognises the immense benefits of breastfeeding and aims to breastfeed for at least a year, this is the perfect, must-have pump. I intend to breastfeed my future baby (or babies!) and that’s why we finally relented and got one. It’s going to be worth it. Because we’re worth it (sounds like L’Oreal advertisement, isn’t it? :))

And that sums up the Breastpump Comparisons review series. Hope the reviews help.

P/S: Although it would be super nice to receive a sponsored Freestyle from Medela for this post, no I did not get any remuneration or free stuff from any parties. This review is solely on my own accord.


8 thoughts on “Review: Breastpump Comparisons Pt #5 – Medela Freestyle

  1. Ee Goh

    Hi, finally the review of Medela FS is up!! And what, I got myself Medela Pump In Style instead of Medela FS. Well oh well, it is all about the pricing and I thought the hands free kit not really useful then. How wrong am I. Imagine I have to hold the two pumps with my two hands when I go pumping. What I can do in that 10 mins? Staring at the blank walls. *yawn* Yeah…luckily it is just 10mins of pumping! :=p

    1. joeyllhow

      Oh you got a PIS instead? How is it? Is it heavier? The bag looks cool though, like some kind of a superhero’s backpack 😉 Thank goodness these Medela pumps are efficient so we’ll just have to spend 10 minutes staring into nothing. When I was working & pumping, I used the time to nap, reply SMSes or calls or review my to-do list. Else, it’s just daydreaming and counting down to the next holiday ;D

  2. angeline

    Great review. I can’t agree with you more and I am loving my medela fs too.. 🙂 the hands-free – greatest invention!!!! somehow i feel that it is more effective when i use the hands-free. Four thumbs up (2 from mommy and 2 from baby Nadia who gets to enjoy all the goodness of bm… )

    1. joeyllhow

      Glad you like it too, really worth buying isn’t it? I must get down to trying the handsfree kit. Is it dificult to put on?

      Breastfeeding rocks! 😉

  3. angeline

    god sent! lucky i bought it else would probably have gone mad since i have to work. putting on handsfree is easy.. takes less than 5 mins..

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