Ewan’s 1st Birthday: Just The Three Of Us

Our baby boy has turned one! Before his special day arrived, we contemplated for a bit whether to throw him a birthday bash but after much yes’ and no’s, we decided that spending some quality time with him would make him happiest and the occasion most memorable. 

The small celebration started a day before. We took advantage of McD’s latest promotion and dined there on a Sunday morning. Ewan had fruit cereal and some hashbrown. 

Breakie at McD's

By noon, we made our way to Farenheit 88 in KL. Lunch stop was at Pappa Rich. 

Mommy, can I have some cendol for lunch?

After doing some shopping, we checked into Impiana KLCC Hotel and took a short nap before proceeding to Suria KLCC for dinner and more shopping! It rained on our way back to the hotel. Luckily a good Samaritan loaned us his umbrella.

Mommy's favourite boy in the whole wide world!

Breakfast at Chatz Brasserie the next morning was sumptuous! The spread was great; they even served putu mayam. Ewan had some wholemeal bread and fruits. 


We went for a swim after that before checking out and ending the short getaway. 

Just the three of us and it's perfect!

Later in the evening, Tristan, Ashley and Daniel came over for a quick birthday cake cutting. 

Egg-free and dairy-free cake for Ewan

We summed up Ewan’s 1st birthday with a Japanese dinner at Green Cup Cafe. 

Albeit simple, it was a meaningful day to all of us.


8 thoughts on “Ewan’s 1st Birthday: Just The Three Of Us

  1. Aww…I’m glad that the bubbly Ewan is back! I was thinking of a quiet birthday bash for little Tricia too. Don’t know if her grandparents would agree to this idea. Where did you get the cake? Lovely! Happy Birthday, dear Ewan!

    1. joeyllhow

      We were thinking to save the money and throw a bigger bash once he understands the meaning of birthday better. He’s a very blessed boy and has lots to be grateful for already. We got the cake from a mommy friend. Tasted really delicious for an egg-free and dairy-free cake!

  2. mikichua

    happy bday little E… i’m sure he’s very happy… love the cake.. so cute…
    last time i was also thinking of celebrating when jboy can understand what’s around him and appreciate the $$ spend.. but then.. small party (family only) turns out to be 50 family members.. hahaha…*kan cheong*
    i still think it’s more meaningful when he can celebrate with his friends… *muaks* for the little E from KoKo Jboy

    1. joeyllhow

      Agree! We wanted to have a family-only birthday gathering but that includes inviting many people. Aside from forking out money for catering, we also didn’t want people to trouble themselves & spend to buy presents for E. He’s only 1, wouldn’t even understand people were there to celebrate him. That’s why we decided to keep it small & simple; a holiday with us on actual day and a small joint birthday do with his friend. Nice enough 🙂 He’ll definitely get a real party once he goes to playschool and has friends to invite.

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