Birkin, Anyone?

Fancy a Birkin? Got caught in the “I’m A Plastic Bag” bag frenzy too? Read on, babe!

Remember the precious red Hermès Birkin bag Samantha Jones in Sex & The City yearned so much for, she resorted to cheating the waiting list system in order to own it? Eat your heart out, I have it! 

Well, sort of, if wannabe counts too 🙂

Oooh la la~

We were out at Empire Shopping Gallery lately when I came across this little pushcart named Lifestyle Outlet selling trendy bags outside Tangs on the upperground level. Upon closer look, I fell in love with this fancy casual tot with Birkin bag printed on it. How chic is that!

Seeing how smitten I was, Hubby bought it for me as a thank you gift for one year of motherhood. For RM145 compared to the original Birkin (minimum US$9,000), it’s a gigantic steal!

Called The Together Bag by Thursday Friday, it is more than just fashionably quirky. The cottony bag is big enough for me to dump in all my whats and what-nots and still have ample space for more stuff. Great for weekend outings especially shopping, picnic (like I do this often *grin*), swimming etc.

What's inside my bag? The usual: wallet, phone, camera, wet wipes, diaper, envirosax foldable bag, Ewan's moisturizer and snacks box

This is the bag’s side view. Cute right?

Doesn't this shout fun and quirky to you?

And this is what attention to details mean!

Bottom of the bag

If you’re a bag person like me, you’ll adore this. I’m loving it! 


2 thoughts on “Birkin, Anyone?

  1. I’m loving it too 🙂 So cute!! Good also for shopping trips to bazaars… where u can jz dump all your shopping in 😀

    There’s a Bag Affair’s shop at Asian Avenue, SWPyd doing a promo now… Buy 1 Free 1 :p Jen & I planning to buy a bag that we hv our eyes on… Hhahhahha!

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