Playdate #6: Joint Birthday Bash

A search for pregnancy yoga buddies brought their mamas together. They met through an online forum while they were still pregnant and went on to become friends. The baby boy was born on 21 March 2010 and 12 days later, the baby girl came along on 2 April 2010.

Meet Mat Rempit Ewan and Minah Rempit Zoey.

See the resemblance? 🙂

One year later, their mamas came together and threw them a joint 1st birthday bash.

Say hello to the daintily dressed birthday babies…

Japanese bento sets, sushi, maki, green tea and more to rev up the party! Not to forget, the Baileys chocolate cupcakes courtesy of Emily. How can something without egg and milk still taste so good? *feeling high*

Together with Jason, Tristan and Sophia, they turned the occasion into a joyful playdate and a day to remember.

A huge THANK YOU to Yen, Robin and Zoey for agreeing to hold a combined birthday bash for Ewan and Zoey. HEARTFELT APPRECIATION to Bi Qiu & family, Emily & family as well as Lillian & family for your presence and presents.


9 thoughts on “Playdate #6: Joint Birthday Bash

  1. BQ

    Joey… Khew’s family had fun, thanks a lot..
    Ewan and Jason loved to bump their head to each other and i’m still wondering why… haha!
    And, my boy learned the true tactic and Kung Fu how to play with the slide… kakaka

    1. joeyllhow

      Haha I still have the shot of them hugging each other, that was funny! Glad Jason blended in well with the rest. You should being him over whenever possible :))

  2. BQ

    Joey, it was really funny…
    Actually, this Boy loves to play with others, ajak people play together and even the lively atmosphere– excatly what we had in your house few weeks ago 🙂

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