Review: Paediatricians in Klang Valley Pt #2

If you have missed my first review on paediatricians around KL, PJ and Melaka, click here. After one year of parenthood and switching from doctor to doctor, we now know what we seek for. Ideally, Ewan’s healthcare provider has to: 

1. Believe in breastfeeding and its benefits
2. Gentle with and passionate about children 
3. Practices less is more, particularly in prescribing medicines for younger infants 
4. Takes time to listen and explain the conditions thoroughly 
5. Charges reasonably

We do not usually judge anyone based on the first impression and strongly believe in giving the benefit of doubt. Our encounters with the similar few pediatricians over the months have gathered the following observations and prompted us to search further: 

~ One told me that breastmilk no longer benefits my baby after six months and went on to recommend several formula brands to me. 
~ One prescribed 4 different types of oral medications when Ewan was down with a common flu. He was only six months old at that time. 
~ One of them tugged Ewan’s earlobe so hard that he pushed away the microscope with his little hand. The paediatrician snapped at him for his “misbehaviour”. Poor Ewan was only 8 months old. 
~ One was so popular that the wait usually takes a minimum of one hour even on a weekday. What’s more, although it’s a stand-alone clinic, the consultation fees are as high as those paediatricians stationed in hospitals. To us, RM40 – RM60 for consultation (without medications) seem reasonable.

During the recent episode of high fever and viral infection, Ewan was admitted into the hospital under the care of Dr Ling Shih Gang from Tropicana Medical Centre. He came recommended by a mommy friend.

Our first encounter with Dr Ling occurred when Ewan was due for his MMRV vaccinations and we wanted to try out another pediatrician. A new hospital, TMC’s facilities are still in excellent condition. They have a playroom at the Children’s Centre for kids to explore while waiting for their turn.

Here’s a summary of my observation:

Duration of Queue:
15 minutes on weekdays

Friendliness of Nurses:

My call for an appointment was handled tactfully and quickly. The nurses stationed at the main counter were friendly. When Ewan came down with a high fever of 39’c, he was quickly attended to and gently sponged down by a motherly nurse.

Friendliness of Doctor:
With all due respect, Dr Ling doesn’t look like the typical paediatrician I was expecting to see. He’s probably in late 30s, looks like an outgoing person and speaks
good Mandarin. His presence makes one feel comfortable and not intimidating at all.

Spends Time To Answer Questions?:
Yes, he does. I was worried that Ewan may come down with a fever if he were given the varicella jab as well. He took his time to explain that the risk of getting a fever is doubled if the 2-in-1 jab was chosen over two different jabs simultaneously. Additionally, when Ewan visited him the second time around with high fever, he examined him thoroughly before diagnosing him with throat infection. He also questioned me repeatedly on the symptoms monitored to ensure nothing was missed out and Ewan was diagnosed properly. This gave me assurance and confidence in his capabilities. He was easily available to answer phone calls too.

Yes. I shared my intention to wean Ewan off breasts due to my drastic weight loss from a strict no-egg, no-dairy diet. He gently advised me to continue breastfeeding until 2 years old if possible and that I should gradually reintroduce these forbidden foods into my diet.

Consultation Fees:
RM60 – RM90 depending on the complexity of treatment.

On prescribing medicines, he practices giving as few medications as possible, quoting him “These medicines suppress the symptoms only but do not treat the underlying problem…”.

Throughout Ewan’s stay at the hospital which was a weekend, Dr Ling was there to check on him. On the day he was discharged, he surprised us by sculpturing a balloon sword for Ewan, on the spot. I was speechlessly impressed, thinking “Patch Adams” all the time. Reallly, it’s very rare to come across such passionate and genuine doctor these days, don’t you agree?

We are gladly sticking to Dr Ling for now.

Contact Info:
Dr Ling Shih Gang
Tropicana Medical Centre (Level 1)
Tel.: 03 – 6287 1082
Mondays to Fridays (closed on weekends and public holidays) ~ he runs an evening clinic every Friday from 6pm to 8.30pm

P/S: No, Dr Ling did not pay me a single cent or buy me roti canai to write this. All the above remarks are solely based on my observation and opinion.


11 thoughts on “Review: Paediatricians in Klang Valley Pt #2

  1. angeline

    Thanks for a great review. 🙂 Very timely as well. I have been looking for a good paeds since the I have had to wait for 2 hours on 2 occasions to see baby Nadia’s current paediatrician…. Now, I know where to look….. 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      Give him a try, Angeline. He’s nice and gentle. It takes trial and error to find a paediatrician you & your child have chemistry with.

    1. joeyllhow

      Em, total bill for everything including doctor’s after-hours charges, medicines, 1 night stay in standard single room etc is RM1k+. Thank goodness it was covered by insurance.

  2. Great that you found a good paed; very important indeed. We love our paed too. 🙂

    Anyway, for child with food allergy, it’s definitely better to extend breastfeeding until he’s eating a wide range of nutritious food. The protein and calcium from mummy’s milk is much higher quality than dairy. If baby can’t take dairy, then need turn to soy milk, which is not really meant for young mammals. Also, soy milk contains hormones that are controversial when taken in large amounts. Others such as rice “milk” are actually not milk, very low in nutrition.

    I might be sharing too much, but this comes from being a vegetarian raising a big with soy allergy.

    My weight has always been on the low side, remaining the sake with vegetarian diet. To beef up your weight and nutrition, consume more healthy carbo — especially multigrains (brown rice, millet, oat, wholemeal bread, etc) For protein, meat, soy, beans, legumes, peas. Other nutrition: seeds. (and Nuts if baby is not allergenic to it.) Wholemeal grain plus beans / legumes / peas provide complete protein. Eat lots of healthy food at every meal and you should be well-nourished. 🙂

    Also, you can check out lots of yummy vegan recipes online.

    1. joeyllhow

      MieVee, thanks for your advice. Really appreciate your thoughts.

      I did consider the disadvantages and fully support the idea of breastfeeding until 2 years old but it’s taking a toll on me not only in health but as a person in whole. Ewan hasn’t slept through and will sometimes wake 3-4 times per night to feed. It’s really exhausting juggling him and housework when I don’t get enough rest. Also, I’m in constant guilt due to what I eat and if it may flare up his eczema. I find it tough to enjoy the little pleasures in life whn I have to watch what I take all the time. Most of all, I really do not foresee myself tandem nursing; I just can’t take the idea of having my baby inside sharing nutrition with the baby outside who’s already getting other forms of nutrition from solids. There are many more influencing factors that outweigh the disadvantages and made us decide to wean him. Also, he knew how soy in large amounts wasn’t good for him and rejected all soymilk formula I’ve tried. Currently this is just an idea, he’s on oatmilk andwe haven’t succeeded in weaning so far. Tougher than I thought 🙂

  3. Min

    Hi Joey, does Dr. Ling run his evening Clinic (Friday) from Tropicana Medical Centre as well?
    I am a working mum and it is good to know paeds who run evening clinic as well.

    1. Hi Min, yes he does. If my info is up to date, his Friday evening clinic runs from 6pm to 8.30pm. It’s always better to call up the direct line 03-6287 1082 before going. Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Min

    Thanks Joey. His clinic was not opened on the Friday when I called (19 Oct). But it is good to know there is a good doctor nearby my place. Will consider going to him if there is a need to next time! Thanks!

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