Ewan’s Birthday Presents

This blog was initially established to serve as a journal for my pregnancy journey and something for Ewan to remember when he grows up. The following post is meant for Ewan to reminisce his childhood when he’s older.

Dear Ewan,

One day when you have grasped some computer skills, I hope you will come across this entry and be grateful to these people who remembered and bought you something for your 1st birthday. Always keep in mind that even if people do not get you anything but give you their best wishes instead, it’s the thought that counts. And most importantly, even to those who missed or didn’t know your special day, that does not mean they love you any lesser. Always remember that ya?

On your first birthday, you received the following gifts:

~ Grandma & Grandpa (Mommy’s parents) – carseat
~ 3rd Grandaunt – Cake
~ Er Yi – O Kids oatmilk and Sticker Mosaic kit
~ Ta Ku – Clothes
~ Aunty Ling – Click Clack Dino
~ Jie Jie Lydia – Books
~ Aunty Michelle – Romper & bib
~ Aunty Emily – book
~ Aunty BQ – xylophone cum piano toy
~ Aunty Yen – zoo puzzles

Your Great Grandparents, Kong Kong, Grandaunts, Aunty Yen and Aunty Lillian gave you some lucky angpows for you to grow up healthy and happy. And not to forget, lots of birthday wishes, hugs and kisses from everyone.

*Hope I did not miss out anyone up there.*


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