Dramatic Tuesday

This evening, I brought Odee out for a walk with Ewan in tow. The weather was lovely; cloudy with just a tinge of sunlight. My little budding walkathoner just got a pair of new sandals and was eager to show off his newfound independence. As we were goofing around on the slide at a nearby playground, it rained suddenly without any warnings. It wasn’t just any drizzles, but a hard pour.

With no shelter in sight, I grabbed Ewan and ran for our lives. Odee chased us from behind. In a haste of running and covering Ewan’s head with my hand, my house keys, which was inside my pocket, fell out and into the drain. Guess what I did?

I stopped and considered picking up the keys up before realizing my poor baby was drenched in rain water by then. No keys, no way of entering house. I wasn’t sure what time Hubby would be back from work, so there’s no way we can wait for him outside the house. Ahh, maybe we can climb over the fence to get in. Wait a minute, I’m carrying a child! Uhmm maybe we can do this unharmed. Then we can tell everyone that we are the athletic mom and baby team who climbed over the fence and escaped without a scratch! OK OK, let’s get real. We need a shelter, like NOW. Think QUICK!

I ran to my neighbour’s house, rang the bell and shouted “Aunty, aunty!” Thank goodness my neighbour was home and let us in. By then, we were all wet. I handed Ewan to Aunty, borrowed an umbrella and went hunting for my keys in the drain. Yes, I was that mad woman who lied down on all fours – on a dirty ground – with her hands rummaging through the filthy drain in search of keys! So not glamourous, right?

As soon as I got hold of the keys, we went home, straight into the bathroom to give Ewan a good wash. Three minutes later, Hubby made an appearance. Just what I had in mind!

And that’s our drama on a Tuesday evening…


One thought on “Dramatic Tuesday

  1. mikichua

    luckily u found the key.. wash away then “oh no” dy~~
    but i think Ewan had fun in the rain.. should let Jboy try play in the rain someday…
    AND YOU ARE ATHLETIC MOM wat.. was in school i’m sure u’re now too 😀
    but anyway thanks God you’re alrite..

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