My Life, Now

Life has been treating us well so far. I have a flexible-hour job (that pays full time!), Ewan is adapting well to his new environment at the daycare and Hubby has been as sweet and supportive as ever. Due to my hectic schedule, I haven’t been able to blog much though.

The first two weeks at daycare were tough for the little one. Before I started work, we visited the nursery several times for “acclimatization” purposes. Once or twice, I left him there for an hour while I went around to do chores. He cried at the top of his lungs, as if I was going to abandon him there. On his first official 8-5 day there, he refused to eat, drink and nap. Needless to say, he came back looking like an exhausted baby panda. For two weeks in the evening, he turned into this whiny and fussy koala who wanted to be carried all the time and demanded our full attention. It was a very trying time but thankfully, it was just a phase. To minimize stress and because he’s so attached to me, Hubby sends him there every morning while I pick him up in the evening. Because of that, Ewan was so upset with his Daddy for a week that the sight of Steve had him running towards me, as if the “villain” was off to send him away again.

Then, when the kids there started having runny nose and phlegmy cough, so did he. Probably because we have had the experience of sending him to a babysitter prior to this, Steve and I didn’t freak out when he fell sick or came home with a bite mark on his arm. It’ll make him stronger and tougher, we figure. It has been four weeks since he joined the centre and I’m proud to report that he’s much better at handling the new environment now, settling quickly after a short cry. Mondays are always the hardest for all of us; we would miss each other so much. Just the other day, I spotted him interacting and playing with Avril, Ben and Te Hong inside the mini playhouse. My boy has grown up.

Oh, did I mention that he took his first few steps at 13 months 1 day old? Since then, our house has been so disorganized than ever. On good days, it’s messy. On bad days, it looks like as if a tornado just hit the area. Things that were supposed to be in the kitchen ended up in the living room, and sometimes, in our master bedroom. He would open the kitchen cabinet, take out a container, bring it to the front and leave it somewhere around the house. Just yesterday, I caught him handing my plastic ice-cream maker to Odee. The furkid gladly accepted and took ownership of it quickly. Now I finally understand why some of his toys ended up on Odee’s day bed. And I thought Odee stole his toys!

Confession: seeing how well Hubby, furkid and hairkid get along blossomed my urge for a #2. It’s probably still too early to think about this now, considering that Ewan is only 15 months old. Besides, I’ll need to jumpstart my period soon. Surprise surprise, I haven’t been spending on sanitary pads for 2 years! Yep, you read me right. We’ll wait for a bit more, ya?

I’m thinking of a holiday…


11 thoughts on “My Life, Now

  1. I can’t help but smile as I read this post. I am very happy that you are happy and that things are falling into place now šŸ˜€

    P/S: I prefer “Hairy, Itchy and Odee” lah, LOL.

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks, babe! I’m indeed blessed that what I wanted – to balance work and family – materialize in the end.

  2. MieVee @

    Wonderful updates indeed. šŸ™‚ My menses only returned when boy was successfully weaned off at 18 months old. And cloth pads feel soooo luxurious. Alternatively, I used a menstrual cup, which can hold up to 12 hours. Super convenient. šŸ™‚

    1. joeyllhow

      MieVee, before he went to the daycare, he was kind of weaned off already – once before he sleeps and once early in the morning. Because of the stress from the new environment, the only thing that could soothe him was boob juice and so, the cycle started again. I kept telling myself to wean him off again but too tired to ‘fight’ with him.

      Ya, I was discussing about cloth pads and menstrual cup with my cousin from Canada the other day. We just thought the process of washing cloth pads sounds a little gross. How do we do it actually? I’ve heard about the cup as well, shall try that once “yi mah” is back. I kind of miss it, honestly. Makes me feel more womanly šŸ™‚

  3. Ayu

    hi joey. how is his skin adapting to the daycare? i mean did he get breakout ever so often or is it under controlled? I’m just curious. coz I am considering sending my boy as well. but worried that his skin can’t adapt. well we can’t even take a trip back to hometown (overnight) else the flare ups will be bad.

    and how do u manage the food they feed him?

    1. joeyllhow

      Ayu, my son’s skin did flare up a little since he went to the daycare but mainly because he had difficulty napping in a new environment and rubbed his face a lot. What I did notice was, the rashes subsided very quickly within 1-2 days and he’s back to smooth skin again. His immune system is probably stronger now and he has probably outgrown some of the allergens. Now and then, I do challenge his body by giving him some foods containing milk or egg in small quantities and it seems fine so far.

      For his meals at daycare, I specifically inform the principal and caregivers there that he’s allergic to this and that. To ensure he’s not fed those foods, they wrote it big and clearly on the kitchen board that Ewan is allergic to so and so. For his lunch/dinner (usually porridge), they will usually take out a portion for him before adding in egg or cow’s milk. As for his snacks, I brought my own biscuits and rusks for him.

  4. MieVee @

    I certainly prefer the cup, am using LadyCup bought from Tiny Tapir. It lasts 8-12 hours before a quick wash and re-insertion is needed. Very convenient when outdoors or tending to a fussy toddler.

    When I couldn’t use the cup post-miscarriage, I turned to cloth pads. The flow lasted for 4 weeks and I was so uncomfortable from disposable pads after 1 week. (Further confirmed my decision not to use disposable diaper on child unless there’s no choice.) I’ve been using cloth pantiliners for a few years, so washing pads is a familiar routine. For the soaked menstrual pads, simply run under cold water in the bathroom and squeeze them clean. Then soak with some CD-friendly detergent. At the end of the day, I hand wash them at bath-time. Then spin and air dry.

    I use pads with fleece backing (no PUL), so ok to soak them. When flow is heavy, very easy to wash. When flow is very light, more prone to stains. In any case, cup is still my preferred choice, then cloth pads. šŸ™‚

    1. joeyllhow

      The cup can last 8-12 hours? Wow, that’s really convenient! I must try that šŸ™‚

      It doesn’t sound too difficult to wash cloth pads. What I was worried about is removing the stains. Can we wash them in the washing machine too? Uhmm not so hygienic considering there will be some other clothes inside too, right? I’m very tempted to get some too. Where do you get yours?

  5. Yes, cloth pads can be washed in washing machine too. I live with extended family, so handwashing is more appropriate. After a cycle, can run the whole load of pads on a warm or hot machine wash for more thorough sanitisation and to remove any detergent build up.

    I’ve tried Lunapads, Fresh Moon AIO Organic Bamboo Velour and Fresh Moon Snap On Bamboo Velour.

    Lunapads: trim, liner doesn’t scrunch up much, coloured surface means stains not obvious, but don’t like the ric-rac bands that get twisted. Got from based in Singapore

    Fresh Moon AIO: simple one-piece design, doesn’t scrunch up, very absorbent, I like the breathability of fleece though some people may find it thick

    Fresh Moon Snap On: more economical than AIO for a full stash (about 6-10 pads or more), soaker may scunch up to the middle sometimes, fleece backing is easy to wipe clean and reuse

    Fresh Moon is available at and I got them from (Say you’re referred by me and try to get discount.)

    Tiny Tapir has several other brands for you to explore. šŸ™‚

    1. joeyllhow

      Wow, this is like a review already šŸ™‚ Thanks a lot for the information. I’m sure others will find it informative. I’ll need to jumpstart my period soon šŸ˜€

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