Kids Know More Than We Thought!

If you think a 15-month old is gullible and knows nothing, think again. I used to believe so too, until I witnessed my own child reacting to our words. 

I’m not trying to brag or say how smart my son is; you’d know me better that I don’t do such thing.  I’m merely sharing my amazement in how quickly the young ones learn. 

My 15-month old babbles a LOT about anything and everything – during car rides, bathtime, playtime etc. It’s definitely not a trait he took after me. We understand some parts of his babbles but most of the time, we just respond by saying “Ah is that so? That’s interesting!”

So when I casually asked him to bring me the plastic plate inside the cabinet for his snacks the other day, he obliged and minutes later, turned up behind me with his regular plate. I was dumbfounded. Since when his vocabulary expanded this much? 

When Hubby asked him if he could share some of his food with us, he took a piece of the biscuit crumb, reached for Hubby’s mouth and tried to feed him. We were again, speechless. We hadn’t taught him that. 

Just before we turned off the lights and hugged him good night just now, he pushed the chair at my dressing table to the other side of the room, left it there and came to me for his favourite bonding activity of the day (nen nen). Hubby said, “Can you put back the chair there please?” I added, “Please push the chair to its original position, can? Then we can have nen nen after that.” We were just saying it and not expecting him to react. To our amazement, he stood up, went to the chair and instead of pushing it, he pulled it back to somewhere a few steps away from the dressing table. Hubby and I stared at each other for a while, paused and exclaimed “OMG he understands!”

Young brains are indeed like a sponge.  So papas & mamas, don’t ever underestimate your young toddlers. They do indeed know more than we thought. As such, late night “activities” should be confined to another room – and only after your child sleeps – because you’ll never know who’s watching and picking up the knowledge! 


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