Ewan & Daycare

It has been six weeks ever since Ewan started going to the daycare centre. While it was a struggle for the first two weeks, he has grown adapted and is now enjoying his time there. His progress is particularly impressive this week, with him cooperating and waving bye bye to me every morning before Hubby sends him off. Whenever I pick him up in the evenings, he would be seen happily playing with his friends – as opposed to the first two weeks where he would be crying. Today, he was so engrossed with playing and refused to leave. How’s that for an improvement? We’re so proud of him.

One of the disadvantages of working full-time and not being able to spend the day with my child is missing out on his new skills. Of late, he has been making these funny hand gestures of turning his fists with both thumbs and middle fingers touching each other whenever there’s music in the background. At first, we were puzzled at what he was trying to get at. Just a few days ago, I had a talk with Teacher Puspa and found out that he was actually responding to the “vroom vroom” action in “The engine in the bus goes vroom vroom vroom, vroom vroom vroom” song. And the sign of his middle finger touching the thumb signifies a finger snapping gesture! I seeeee…

What else he does at the daycare? According to the teacher, he:

– eats a lot, more than the older toddlers. Yes, I do notice that his appetite has increased a lot since he attended daycare. He would have his early dinner there at around 4.45pm, take away some porridge from the centre and request for food at around 7pm again. He usually joins us for dinner and have some rice and vegetables from our meals too, on top of the takeaway porridge. Please note that we feed on demand. Weight wise, he’s still 9kg since months ago.
– would request to sit on a chair during mealtimes (like the older toddlers) and attempt to self-feed. We allow him to make a mess and practise independent eating at home too (also because we have a very efficient four-legged vacuum cleaner which is ever ready to clean up the bits and pieces that fall on the floor). So far, he’s able to hold his spoon, aim for his mouth rather accurately (still misses now and then) and eats on his own.
– drinks his milk during nap times and holds his own bottle. This is a big deal to me considering he likes mama’s milk only and never really liked the bottle. The photo above was taken by the centre’s owner.
– plays and socialises well. The only time he fusses is during nap times, which is very typical of Ewan.
– has selective hearing. On some occasions, he would listen to instructions and oblige his caregivers but at times, he would pretend not to understand what’s being said.
– can point to eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hands whenever we ask, all thanks to the teacher (shame shame, not me!)
– has eczema flare-ups now and then but they’re usually mild and recover within a day or two. We are braver in challenging him with the forbidden foods now (except peanuts), which he seems to be accepting quite well.

And the biggest news is, HE HAS BEEN SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT SINCE MONDAY! OK let’s keep this a hush-hush, I don’t want to jinx this.

The owner of the daycare centre, who is someone I’ve known for years and an ex-colleague, said this to me the other day. “Ewan has a very strong character. When he doesn’t want something, there’s no way you can force him. It reminds me of his mother.” Should I be proud of this too? 🙂

I love being Ewan’s mum!


2 thoughts on “Ewan & Daycare

  1. lilian

    Awww.. mommy must be so proud of Ewan, achieving his milestone with good guidance from mommy and daddy. I wish Jayden would grow up being a healthy and strong boy like korkor Ewan.. 🙂

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