Sleepy baby in the car!

This is too good to be missed so I have to share it:

Yes, that’s my boy sleeping in the car. Mind you, this is extraordinary for us. He fell asleep IN THE CARSEAT – ON HIS OWN – FOR 1 HOUR – for the FIRST TIME EVER since….since forever! The last I remember him doing this was probably 15 months ago, when he was a newborn.

This happened one fine Friday on our way back to hometown after his lunch. I was chatting away with Hubby while Ewan watched his favourite Hi-5 CD on our portable video player when I glanced and saw him snoozing. A full tummy makes a sleepy baby eh? This moment was priceless! We were hoping for a repeat of history but unfortunately, it happened once only.

Looking back at this photo sometimes makes me beam with pride. Once is better than nothing, right? 🙂


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