Menses. MIA.

After asking around and doing much research, it seems that I’m the only one around who hasn’t been having menses for 24 months straight. Pad-free, no cramps, swimming all year round. How cool is that, I hear you say? No longer cool, it’s getting worrisome actually, considering that my friends who gave birth around the same time got their period back a couple of months ago, soon after their babies started solids. It’s not peer pressure but rather the uncertainties of these big questions: Am I ovulating? Is my body abnormal?

During a work visit to my favourite gynae recently, I casually popped the question to him. Looking concerned, he suggested to jumpstart my period as soon as we are ready to try for baby #2. I shared such scenario in a forum and asked if anyone’s experiencing the same thing as I did. NADA! Many of them recommended me to seek a second opinion.

Just let it be and allow nature to take its course, I hear you say again. Yes, that’s how I usually approach things too but the worry is, we may want to start trying for another baby perhaps some time end of this year. Hubby and I figured that a two to three-year gap would be perfect for our kids. If I were to let this go and ignore the signals my body is telling me, and then one day find out that there’s actually some abnormalities with my reproductive system, it may be a little too late already. Seriously, as much as we can’t control fate, I really want to avoid raising a young family at a later age.

So the control freak me visited another obstetrician yesterday. A lady doctor named Dr Hoo Mei Lin, she’s new with Tropicana Medical Centre. I actually wanted to see Dr Surinder but his appointments for that day was full. You know what they usually say about lady gynaes? “Moody”, “inconsistent” and “fierce”. I took my chance anyways.

It turned out that she is a very nice, gentle and friendly doctor. The part about her sharing her own parenting experiences made it easier for me to relax and talk to her. I underwent a vaginal ultrasound scan to check what’s going on in my womb. “It seems to be very quiet in there,” Dr Hoo said. My immediate response was, “Is that good or bad? What’s that dot I see?”

Before you gasp and say, “she’s pregnanttttttt!”, CALM down. No babies in there, although it would be a nice surprise (and a great shock to Hubby), isn’t it?. “Quiet” meaning, the wall lining is thin, my reproductive system is STILL on a vacation and the dot is nothing. The good news is, my ovaries are still intact. I asked if they have been inactive for a long while or just for these few days? Doctor said “I think it’s for a while already.” Boo-hoooooo….

My prolactin levels are probably higher and my body could be reacting to this as, “Hey, she’s still breastfeeding and not ready for a second one yet, so let’s just all take a longer vacation. Go Hawaii, go Peru, go all over the world…” Besides, doctor did mention that my desire for intercourse can hinder production of eggs too. Ummm…is that so? I’ll leave this for you to guess 🙂

I’m only left with two options:

#1 Wean Bub off breastfeeding – haha, real funny. I would have done this long time ago if I could. The words “nen nen” brightens up his face, catches his attention instantly and makes his day. It’s his most favourite thing in the whole wide world.

#2 Have unprotected intercourse (yayyy for Hubby!) from now on and see if I get knocked up. More often than not, we will be able to wham-bam like teenagers without any lifetime consequences. How’s that for an anniversary gift, Hunny? OK OK, sorry for dishing out our bed stories with you. Yes yes, we will go and get a room 🙂

If we have done #1 and #2, and yet nothing happens, it’s time to see the doctor again. I will probably be prescribed fertility drugs to nudge and wake up my sluggish ovaries. Ummm are you thinking what I’m thinking? Fertility drugs = twins! Yay? No yay?

So that’s the story about my womb and ovaries. “Just quiet”.


2 thoughts on “Menses. MIA.

  1. Mama Singlet

    I was in the same situation as you!

    First got pregnant: 42 weeks no period (obvs!)
    Gave birth: 15 months ++ no period (whoa!)

    That equals to about 24 months of no menses which was fine by me as I am still breastfeeding etc. My mother-in-law was more worried than me and kept asking me to check with the doc. I did ask around, and everyone said I was normal.

    I just got my period last month. As it was the first time in 24 months, it was very heavy and lasted longer than normal. But now everything is back to normal (amount of days and flow).

    My son also loves to breastfeed, I actually was thinking of recording how he lights up every time I lift up my shirt! LOL! I guess its one of the few times in our lives that someone is going to be so enthusiastic about our breasts!

    So, as you have already checked, just enjoy your time with no period to worry about!

    Im thinking about a moon-cup or cloth pads now since I have already dipped my toes into the cloth diapering world! Heh!

  2. Yay! Twins are definitely a yay 😀 lol… I’ve already planned that I wanna have a boy and then 2 twins girls who’s gonna be so cute and definitely prettier then their mommy :p haha! okok.. i know I’m planning to soon…gotta get engaged 1st… one step at a time 😀

    And yes… go get a room!! :p

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