My second “baby” is HERE!

FINALLY… after two months of hard work, I’m excited to present my second baby. Ladies, please meet BabyTalk Chua. Conceived on 15 May 2011, I had a fair share of excitement and challenges bringing her to full term but most of all, it was a fun and great learning experience.

Little BabyTalk was born on 22 July 2011 via natural delivery – without epidural or any medical gases…it’s HARD work and lots of midnight oil burning all the way – in a printing factory (the hospital couldn’t help and turned us away :D). She weighs approximately 150gm at birth (that’s 84 pages) and has an APGAR score of around 7.5. She’s not perfect with some glitches here and there but I hope that as we move along, she will improve, gain more “fans” and grow steadily.

BabyTalk Malaysia Magazine - August 2011

Have you seen BabyTalk yet? Good or bad, I rely on your honest opinion to progress. Every comment counts – so do share your thoughts ya!


4 thoughts on “My second “baby” is HERE!

  1. Congratulations on a job well done to you and your team! I sure know what it feels like to have toiled and burned the midnight oil to produce something that you can be so proud of.

    Keep it up!

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