REVIEW: Cleebo

Doesn’t it irk you to see that humongous piece of solid mucus trapped in your baby’s nose? Do you…

[ ] reach out your pinky to fish it out?
[ ] get some cotton buds and try to navigate it?
[ ] use the edge of a cloth and dig it out?
[ ] feel like grabbing a mini plier to extract it, when all else fail?

Ahhh…did I just catch you there? We – parents – have all been there, done that. I’m guilty of all the above too!

So when Sophie & Friends asked if I would review Cleebo, a paediatrician-approved, tweezer-like nose cleaning device, I jumped at the chance.

Photo sourced from Sophie & Friends website

Cleebo comes in a compact plastic casing that houses a ‘tweezer’ made out of ABS plastic (like those they use for Lego bricks) and five different-coloured, medical-grade silicone tips. It’s very simple to use – just plug in one of the tips and extract away. When we first tried it out on Ewan, he was very wary about what I was going to do to him. He lied down and stared at the blue tip entering his nostril (we picked his favourite colour so he would stay still!). Thinking that I was about to feed him, he opened his mouth wide too. That’s my ever hungry son! 🙂

Be it solid or semi-watery mucus, it’s quick and easy to remove with Cleebo. Because the tip is soft and securely attached to the tweezer, it’s perfectly safe and doesn’t cause any discomfort or hurt baby’s nose at all. Plus you won’t have to worry about “digging” too deep into the nostrils as the safety tabs on the tips ensure a safe level of penetration.

Just aim, grab and drag. The casing allows you to bring it everywhere without having to worry about losing the tips. Just remember not to leave it within your child’s reach as the tips are really small and pose a choking hazard.

Since Ewan’s nostrils are rather tiny (my pinky usually can’t make its way in at all), I usually widen the flexible tweezers apart, use one of its handle, gently sweep the gooey goo out and VOILA! Gold anyone?

In a nutshell, Cleebo is worth investing in, considering the germs introduced into your child’s system whenever you use your fingers. Not forgetting the bits of tissue fibre that’s left behind in the nostrils when you attempt to clean it. Or the rusty hairpin…*ahem*

Children will always be children. My next challenge is to nail him down and remove that big and stubborn piece of booger that ‘dances’ to and fro as he breathes! Daddyyyyyyyy….

Priced at RM39.90, Cleebo is available at Sophie & Friends (S$17.90) as well as Bebehaus outlets at Plaza Damas, Bangsar Village and 1 Utama.


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