In a holiday mood~ and…


I can’t wait for the much-anticipated, long-planned family getaway. At the same time, I’m feeling so edgy about all the work that’s pending. I mean, since when has it stopped piling right? Not that I have a huge team to help me out. Or at least someone to hand over my tasks while I’m off to Down Under, which by the way, is going to be a little work-oriented too considering I’ll be doing some reviews there as well.

I know I should be grateful to have a job yada yada yada but once in a while, ranting is good for the emotional health. I need to complain and say it out LOUD that I’m overworked, exhausted and drowning. And no, it doesn’t seem like they will be hiring more help soon.

The work is never-ending; once an issue is finalised and out for printing, I’ll have to start working on another. And while I’m at it, I’ll have to check the layout and copy for the one that’s currently in progress. It’s like juggling balls but you just don’t know when you can stop and rest for a bit. If I fall sick, I’ll be working from bed. On weekends, I try to squeeze in time and write whenever Ewan is taking is nap or asleep. I can’t take MC merely because a day off means another day’s worth of work accummulation and there’s nobody else whom I can SMS and say, “Babe, can you stand in for me today?” NADA.

We do have contributors but there’s only so much they can do…I’ll still need to do the chasing, running around, checking and final tightening up tasks. While this job gets me excited and gives me lots of satisfaction especially when we receive compliments from readers (some of them are super sweet they even sent us emails with huge font size and many heart shapes!), too long of exhaustion, inability to relax and breathe and too much of something similar can drive one crazy, no? My mind is thinking all the time – what to do next, what kind of topics to write, who to approach, where to find real-life stories etc. I just can’t rest on my laurels.

And there are also other sources of stress like weaning my boy off breastfeeding and having to sleep in a separate room just so that he won’t look for ‘nen nen’ at night. And why a buddy is giving me the hot-cold-hot-cold treatment according to her whims and fancies.

And wondering why my menses have been missing in action for more than two years or how come our irresponsible neighbour isn’t taking good care of their puppy, making him a tick attraction and infesting our furkid as well. Or simply feeling guilty for not being able to make some homecooked food for the little one as much as I wanted to or for lashing out at him for the smallest thing just because I’m stressed out? Not to mention, I feel guilty now for taking the time to blog and not attending to my work instead. How crazy is that?!

I.MISS.MY.DAYS.AS.A.STAY.AT.HOME.MUM. Albeit it also comes with a fair share of challenges and frustrations, life’s better and nicer answering to a little man! Now, can someone slap some senses in me and tell me how to destress and chill?


6 thoughts on “In a holiday mood~ and…

  1. Sye Fen

    Hi Luan Luan, i also keep wondering how do u actually handle both at the sametime, work & family…it’s not an easy task especially when u are in dilemma of wanting this to stop, but need to consider the other burden to share with. If not, u wil not b wanting this. I fully understand this feeling & sometimes we just need to swallow it. My way of distressing is trying as possible time to stop thinkin for a sake of 1 day, & just go for a relaxing spa / massage or do somethin u like. I would be able to unwind when i’m with my family members to go out together or even spend some quality family time together. When u r bak to work or face ur real reality life, u are ready for it! Hope this helps! I do think that u did a great job in handling ur stress for the first step by saying out loud here. 🙂 Try to allocate some time / cut-off time when to do your work or when to rest. This is important to avoid unwanted stress in longtime period.

    Sye Fen

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Sye Fen, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Going for a massage or spa session requires lots of advance planning. When I have the extra time these days, I’d rather spend it with my family. But I know what you mean about taking one day at a time; it’s just that I need to learn to let go and relax. Happiness is a state of mind, ya? Thanks again 🙂

  2. Can imagine your stress level… Squeeze some time every day (even 15 minutes do wonders) to do some relaxation / breathing exercises. Every week, have a little bit of time for yourself. E.g. Let hubby help bathe the kid, bring him out for a short drive, etc. while you take a long, good shower.

    It’s important to eat well and rest well to keep your immunity up. (I just had a bad bout of fever and flu, passed it on to son and had to face 1+ week of tantrums. Gosh!!! Really makes me treasure good health.)

    Take care and all the best!

    1. joeyllhow

      I have been falling sick more often than I have ever had for the past four months. The stress partly contributed to my recurring mastitis I believe. My hubby is very helpful and proactive in many matters and I don’t feel good getting him to help even more considering he’s also working full-time and may need some ‘me-time’ too. But we have agreed that each of us will take one evening per weekday to go for yoga or swimming. The next task is to find a studio 🙂

  3. I have a suggestion, but it takes YOU to make it work.

    Try yoga.

    It takes a lot of discipline to practice yoga at home (as opposed to going to a yoga class or centre). But if you could find maybe 30 minutes, twice a week, it would help you de-stress? I took up yoga recently, and though I must admit that I haven’t seen any substantial difference in my health or life just yet, I must also say that I thoroughly enjoy “sweating it out.”

    Perhaps this is what you need, sweat it out. Be it a jog, or just run up and down the stairs, or yoga, or anything at all. You’ll feel more energetic after that.

    1. joeyllhow

      Yoga helped me a lot in relaxing and sweating it out way before Ewan came. Yes, it does take lots of discipline to do it at home. I don’t think I remember the steps anymore. That’s why I’m thinking to take up lessons now. Thanks 🙂

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