Happy 4th Anniversary, Baba Chua!

I’m supposed to work on an article now but what the heck, it can wait. This is way MORE important…our marriage turns 4 today! The sweet Baba remembers and doesn’t need to be reminded or hinted this year because he asked me us out for a dinner date at Chillis tonight πŸ™‚

Pre-Ewan days: June 2008 in Hokkaido

I was trying to post a recent photo taken together but couldn’t find any. They are either photos of him and Ewan, or me and Ewan. It just goes to show how having a child can bring your relationship to another level and change your priorities. We MUST take a “berdua-duaan” photo without the adorable little “lamp post” tonight.

Over the past one year, my husband has been more supportive than he ever had throughout our relationship. I just want to thank him for all the effort and initiatives he has put in to make things work and keep us stronger than ever as a family:

Sept 2010 – I quit my job. Hubby bravely steppped up and became the sole breadwinner of the family.
Oct 2010 – Despite living on a single income, Hubby brought us to Sabah for a holiday. We celebrated our wedding anniversary there.
Nov 2010 – Hubby got a surprise birthday party surrounded by his high school friends from Melaka.
Dec 2010 – We celebrated Ewan’s first Christmas. Hubby welcomed my friends and their babies to our home with an open mind. He even willingly cleaned up the house after that.
Jan 2011 – My buddy Audrey came from Singapore. Hubby took care of Ewan the whole day while I brought Audrey around town. Albeit a small gesture, I find it very lovely of him to give me some extra pocket money for the shopping trip.
Feb 2011 – We fought on the first day of Chinese New Year, patched up and made up quickly. It was definitely not worth the argument.
March 2011 – Ewan turned one. We had a small celebration in KL and thereafter, a joint party with Zoey.
April 2011 – Hubby was stressed out financially and ‘suffered’ in silence. I decided that it was time for me to return to work. Hubby was so understanding and supportive that he took leave almost every week just so that I could attend interviews.
May 2011 – I found a job! And I turned 30. Hubby bought me a very practical gift of 4-in-1 scanner, copier, fax and printer machine as well as the lip-smacking Haagen Daaz ice-cream cake. We had a yummy South Indian dinner with his family.
June 2011 – I burned midnight oil almost everyday to produce the first issue of BabyTalk. Hubby helped out a lot with Ewan at night and on weekends so I could work on stories and conduct interviews. He brainstormed with me and shared lots of feedback and ideas for the magazine too.
July 2011 – BabyTalk was launched. My heart skipped joyously when I overheard him promoting the magazine to his female colleagues πŸ™‚
August 2011 – Hubby contributed an article in BabyTalk (which you’ll see in our November issue). He continues nurturing Ewan and being a doting pack leader to Odee. I joined my girlfriends for a one-night slumber party while Hubby cooperatively took care of Ewan at home. It was my first time being apart from the little one since he was born.
Sept 2011 – Our marriage turns 4. Thanks to his commitment and perseverance too, Ewan has been successfully weaned off my breasts. We will be celebrating our wedding anniversary in Perth this year πŸ™‚

I’m very blessed to have a hands-on husband who has never failed to be there for me. There’s no doubt that our relationship has its ups and downs and we argue like every couple, but as we grow older, what matters most is the bigger picture – that we love each other.



2 thoughts on “Happy 4th Anniversary, Baba Chua!

  1. Happy Anniversary! Well, even though celebrating wedding anniversaries is way different with a kid in tow, it will be THAT much special. With my very best wishes for many more anniversaries to come πŸ™‚

  2. joeyllhow

    Thanks Joyce! It’s indeed much MORE special and meaningful celebrating anniversaries a kid in tow. Seeing him constantly reminds us of the living symbol of our relationship…although there won’t be anymore gaze-at-you-and-speak-lovingly moments but more stuff-him-with-more-food-so-he’ll-stop-whining activities πŸ™‚

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