Karma & Me…

Omigosh, it’s October already! How did time pass by so quickly? Two more months to the end of 2011. This is getting scary.

There’s nothing much new with me other than work, work and work. I’m feeling rather burned out already, to be honest. And I’m not sure how long I can go on toiling like this everyday. Other than ranting it to my dear hubby and several close friends, I can only pray hard that things will improve soon.

Alas, here’s my sweat and blood throughout the month of August – my October 2011 issue. It’s by far my favourite:

BabyTalk October 2011

We went for a 5D/4N trip to Perth recently. Ewan enjoyed himself a LOT while his parents a.k.a. servants chased and cleaned after him. He had lots of fun getting to know the farm animals. I was really surprised to see how comfortable he is with these animals, having no qualms about feeding or patting them. The initially-dreaded 5.5-hour plane ride turned out to be rather manageable. He cooperated really well on the way there, playing and napping as planned although the journey back was a little challenging with his eczema flaring up and such. We have concluded that YES, there’s going to be more overseas trips with Ewan in the future. Yayy!

Feeding Fransiska the goat (what a glamourous name for a goat!)

Do you believe in karma? I know it does exist but never experienced it until recently. Karma travelled one big round and came visiting me after a few years. In 2006, I found out that a friend’s (A) boyfriend was cheating on her. Although the right thing to do then was to tell her directly, I didn’t dare to, for fear of damaging the relationship or things backfiring. Instead, I beat around the bush and told one of her closest friends (B), hoping that she would pass the message to A. B did not; she shared the news with others before it gradually reached A. Needless to mention, A was fuming mad at me by the time she found out. I was apologetic but she didn’t budge.

I didn’t know how hurt A truly felt at that time until recently…when a supposedly-friend did the same to me. The scenario is different though (my husband is NOT cheating on me); she didn’t like the favour I asked from her but refused to tell me directly. Eventhough I repeatedly assured her that there’s no pressure and it’s completely fine with me, she went ahead with the plans. Then she started the hinting mind games, psyching me into guilt and drilling me into confession. Fast forward a couple of months later, our relationship soured and I confronted her with an email, hoping for a chance of reconciliation.

Gullible describes me, hypocrite her. The reply I got was probably the biggest joke of the year for me: “It won’t be an issue if you don’t make it an issue.” If I may add, she chose to make it a big issue in the very first place. Her true colours finally surfaced. I would be lying if I tell you I’m not heartbroken. Now, my heart suddenly ceased having a special, soft spot for her. I have stopped caring. It’s a pity but well, it takes two to tango, yes?

Isn’t it great if humans are born with the innate abilities to see and focus on the positive parts of their lives only? I have to be repeatedly reminded that there are many other friends who truly care about me. I know there are (smacked right in front of my face) but right now, allow me to grieve for just one more minute.

1, 23, 58, 59…60.

OK moving on! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Karma & Me…

  1. My back has also been hurt a few times by the proverbial knives that have found their way there, some from people I thought were friends. Ah well, life is a lesson and we all gain something from every experience…

    1. joeyllhow

      Indeed true, we can’t control how others behave but we can decide how we want to react. I do not regret taking a step by and seeking reconciliation because at the end of the day, i can tell myself that I have tried. Friends come and friends go, but only those who treasure the friendship are here to stay.

  2. Some Chinese would say that your “destiny” or “fate” with that friend has come to an end. And when this happens, nothing either of you do will salvage the friendship, hence it is a lot easier to “let go” instead.

    For all we know, you girls will get back together again in the future, after a twist of events or something πŸ˜€ And when that happens, both of you should “treasure the destiny.”

    The Chinese explains this in 4 words: ζƒœηΌ˜οΌŒιšηΌ˜γ€‚

    1. joeyllhow

      Deep and meaningful, Pelf! It makes more sense to let go for now; my brain needs a break from asking whys and whats. About the future, we shall see πŸ™‚

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