Baby Room at Citta Mall

Thought I’ll take some time off from work to share some photos taken from the baby changing room at the latest neighbourhood mall in town, Citta Mall. We frequent this place quite regularly on a weekly basis, mainly for dinner or just to drain Ewan’s energy.

Designed with very spacious pedestrian walkways, the mall is still very new with limited outlets and patrons. Ewan enjoys running around freely while we take leisurely strolls knowing that he won’t be knocked down by any strangers.

We usually patronise Kay Riches, Chawan and Baci for meals, Presto and Vitacare for emergency groceries/supplements (stuff there are more highly priced!) as well as San Francisco Coffee and +Wondermilk for desserts. We like daydreaming at the Harvey Norman there too, imagining how the latest gadgets and electrical appliances can fit into our home! Ewan never fails to giggle whenever we press the knobs of rice cookers and make a funny, accompanying sound effect “doiiinggggg”. Ahh…the simple things that make a kid happy!

They have just opened a Times bookstore last weekend, packed with interesting stationeries. I’m already eyeing several stuff that will make very lovely Christmas pressies. It’s ALWAYS nice to to have a complete bookshop near home, for days when monotony comes a-calling and a good book helps to put the mind at ease.

Most of all, the mall is very child-friendly. In addition to Chili’s (kids eat for free!) and Julia Gabriel/Chiltern House: a very expensive playhouse/pre-school, they have a thoughtfully furnished baby changing facility room aptly named the Parent’s Room, located at Level 1.

Brightly lit changing area complete with Johnson's baby lotion and powder plus Dettol hand sanitiser. Paper towels are available too.
They are 3 individual feeding rooms generously furnished with three couches and ample electrical plugs for pumping. Don't you just love that green shade?
This is thoughtful...toilets of varying sizes for adults and kids
Chic and modern right? I dare not imagine what will happen to this facility once the mall gets busier. Malaysians being Malaysians usually can't resist vandalising or bringing some stuff home
The play area comes with a slide, a caterpillar tunnel and a mini play ship (not shown) as well as little table and chairs. They should ensure all kids remove their shoes though

I can’t wait for Tutti Fruitti and McDonald’s to open here soon! I need my junk….

OK, stop wondering why I have such luxury of time to blog today. And why I sound like myself again…I’ll post an update once everything is more firm. Meantime, I need LOTS and LOTS of luck!


3 thoughts on “Baby Room at Citta Mall

  1. The new Jusco in Melaka has similar facilities too. I know because I walked into the parents’ area when I had actually wanted to go to the ladies’.

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