Blessing in disguise

So my yahoo mail account was hacked the other day, despite my diligent attempt in ensuring a very strong password. Some of my contacts received a mail that reads like this:

Subject: I am finally became Boss…

Hi friend!
despite the circumstances I stayed positive this couldnt have come at a better time these days nobody tells me what to do keep this between us

followed by a link

Those who really know me, know that my England isn’t this powderful. Obviously, it wasn’t written by me. But if I have the opportunity to meet this spammer/hacker, I would like to hug tell him/her this:

“Thank you so much for choosing me and spamming my contacts! Because of you, I landed a job! Seriously…I’m NOT kidding.”

You see, though I really wanted to take a short break after the magazine episode, I have been worrying about nailing a job as soon as possible. I didn’t want Hubby to get all stressed out again, more so when there will be major bills to settle in December and things to buy for Chinese New Year in January.

Fate or luck?
Some time back, I was offered a job by a company but declined them in the end. After things didn’t work out with BT, Hubby has been encouraging me to contact the hiring manager of this said company to enquire if the position has been filled up. I didn’t, of course. Very malu-fying leh, I was the one who said no and now I want it back? It’s like taking them for a ride. Meantime, I continued harrassing Jobstreet on a daily basis.

The spammer couldn’t have picked a better time to hack my account. One of the mail recipients was the hiring manager! She texted me and asked if everything’s alright with me as she has just got a weird email from me. We talked for a bit and found out that the company has not hired anyone since me. Some arrangements were made, the HR department called me and I took two online psychological/IQ tests. That was last week.

A few hours after I penning down the previous post I’m a free wo(man) and after a lunch with my ex-colleagues from Sunway whining about finding a job, the call came. I was bathing/playing water with Ewan at that time and ran out of the bathroom in just a towel and water dripping everywhere.

“We would like to offer you the job again, Joey,” the hiring manager said.

I contained my excitement and squeaked, “Oh really? Greatttt! When can I start? Next week? OK!”

Returning to full-time work…again
So there goes the plan to declutter my home – out of the window. With so few days left before my new job begins, I have been resting and spending more time with Ewan. We went for an outing to Kizsports & Gym at Bangsar Village yesterday, followed by a hearty lunch – just the two of us – at Fit For 2. We had a blast!

To straighten myself for the new job (I’m in a mess appearance-wise!), this is what I’m doing now…

Utilising a Groupon I bought for- director's haircut, treatment, wash and blow for RM55 at D'Element salon

I don’t know what’s in store for me in this new job but I’m crossing my fingers and toes that people are nice, boss is great and work’s fun there. For now, I’m just grateful for having a job and a free indoor carpark! 😉


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