Starting over…again

It’s my second day at my new job and I just had a takeaway ‘chap fan’ for lunch. My team mates are attending some external community projects, my boss is out for a meeting and my pregnant colleague decided to dine in today. My eyes are going bonkers reading up the sleep-inducing documents and my brain is floating to la-la land, so I figure blogging is the best way to keep me awake now.

Second day at work and I’m liking it so far. Sorry I can’t disclose where I am working (at least not publicly) or share some pictures of my work cubicle because they made me sign stacks and stacks of confidentiality agreements, due to the nature of its businesses. Sounds like some secret agent work ya?

Things are very much structured here, which is great because I thrive on systems. There’s a lot for me to acquire as it’s a totally new industry for me. Besides PR and communications, I get to learn some parts on branding; they have very clear guidelines on everything that goes into their communications and collaterals, including the exact tones (by RGB configuration) for the wordings! Seriously, I was shocked and stared at my boss when she said, “The grey has to be R186 G220 B60.” One thing I notice about big companies – they love using and speaking acronyms. So my first day was spent repeating, “What’s that?!”

What’s more, besides the usual internal chat programme, the company has its very own version of Twitter cum Facebook software so the employees all over the world can communicate with each other. Please pardon my ignorance but I think this is really cooooool! I had to withhold myself from tweeting “I had wholemeal bread with kaya for breakfast today” though because everyone seems to be speaking acronyms there too.

Amazingly, as soon as the clock strikes 9am and everyone starts focusing on their computers, the office gets reaaaaaally quiet. Though I prefer to work in peace, I’m still trying to adapt to this silence. Again, it’s sleep inducing…more so if I imagine myself wrapped around a soft fleece blanket with a cup of hot chocolate amidst the fit-for-a-morgue room temperature. The designer in my previous company likes to listen to some Chinese music every time she works on layouts while my ex-colleagues in Sunway enjoy speaking to each other from one end of the hall to another end. Okay, maybe that’s a little exaggerated but you know what I mean.

My team consists of six persons, including me and my boss. Initially, I was expecting a culture where people are serious, speak jargons (and maybe accents too) and dress to kill. I didn’t really sleep much the night before my first day at work; nervous because I was worried about blending in and excited about going back to the stable corporate world again. I don’t want to jinx this but so far, people here seem approachable, down-to-earth and surely don’t treat the office like a fashion runway. They observe a formal work attire policy – which is good again because I’m a plain Jane and am happy being one. If they can provide uniforms, even the better! My lady boss bought me and the team a yummy Japanese lunch yesterday and I found out that I am the second oldest wisest in the group.

I’m still learning to adapt to a new routine: wake up grumpy at the same time everyday, make Ewan breakfast, go through traffic congestion and leave work as punctually as I can to pick him up from the daycare. No more working from home, toiling through the night and sleeping in; leaving the office building strictly means leaving work behind and enjoying the evening with family (okay, let’s be realistic…I may have to bring work home occasionally). This works better.

During lunch yesterday, my boss asked, “So Joey, when’s the second one coming?” Having agreed with Hubby that our plans to give a sibling to Ewan have to be postponed for at least six months until I am confirmed at work, I said: “Definitely not Dragon year! The little one still needs lots of attention.” Guess what she said?

To my delight, she replied: “Better not wait too long, a three-year gap is just nice. When they are older, you can always drop them off at a play centre together and go do your errands, instead of running around with another little baby!” So I guess that’s a green light from her for me to get pregnant? LOL!

Well, we’ll see…maybe some time in the second quarter of 2012…


9 thoughts on “Starting over…again

  1. Yen

    Joey, the office sounds fun. 🙂 got own software to keep in touch.

    And your boss is very understanding. Let’s make a baby in the snake year. :)) yay! Miss holding a newborn.

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