Ewan turns 20 months (soon)

It has been a LONG while since I updated my boy’s progress, no thanks to work, but also because I am lazy felt it’s time to stop keeping track of his milestones and let him grow at his own pace. He is turning 20 months in less than a week’s time and I am happy to report that he’s turning into a fine young boy. The current age is the most fun time for us now, with his little antics and funny attempts to communicate with us.

At 20 months, Ewan…

♥ Feed himself. This is a huge blessing as it allows us to enjoy mealtimes simultaneously together. We usually wrap a cloth napkin around him (like as if he’s getting a haircut) and let him eat away while Odee waits below for any fallen treats. He can drink from a cup on his own too, although the water eventually turns murky from his dipping fingers into the cup.
♥ My oh my, I never thought I would ever get to say this but these days, Ewan asks for milk and drinks 4oz to 8oz of oatmilk three to four times daily. He also says “no” or laughs whenever I try to offer him ‘nen nen’. He was officially off the breasts at 18 months old.
♥ Still fancies anything animals. Whenever he fusses, the ‘Old MacDonald’ or the improvised ‘The (Animal) On The Bus’ song still works like magic.
♥ He’s shy with new environments, strangers and even family members he doesn’t see regularly but warms up pretty quickly after 15-20 minutes. He reminds me of the younger, timid me.
♥ He can be quite a scaredy cat with loud noises like helicopter flying past our residential area or unknown object on TV (ie. red reindeer hand puppet), screaming as he runs towards us.

♥ He still doesn’t like furry stuff like soft toys or my brother’s Pekingese puppy. The only furry thing he’s fine with is his four-legged brother at home.
♥ He can speak a large number of one-syllable words. My favourite is being demanded to “sit” and then, “read” whenever he wants us to read him a book.
♥ I’m known as ‘Ber Ber’ for many months until recently, he alternates between this and ‘Mi’.
♥ Potty training wise, he lets us know whenever he poops but nothing before that yet. We are still in the midst of coaxing him to sit on the toilet bowl.
♥ He also enjoys water play at any time of the day. He recently graduated from using his baby float to arm float. And he loves it when we dunk him underwater for several seconds. He can also pour water accurately from one cup to another.

♥ He loves dancing, singing and nursery rhymes. He can complete the last word of each sentence in ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’, ‘One Two Buckle My Shoe’ and ‘Johnny Johnny’.
♥ He loves nothing more than books! And this is an area we don’t mind splurging on. If we were to give him an option of bicycle riding or reading, he would choose the latter. A bookworm in the making?
♥ He melts my parents’ and father-in-law’s hearts when he calls up to them “Kong Kong”, “Ah Kong” and “Ah Ma” affectionally.
♥ I’m thankful that he’s not fussy and eats practically everything we give. Keeping our fingers crossed.
♥ He knows how to stack up Megabloks and enjoys mixing and matching various colours.
♥ He’s a little of a perfectionist like me, keeping away his toys whenever we ask and at times, on his own accord. There were times when we caught him putting back the items to their original positions after playing. I tell ya, my heart ballooned up!
♥ He’s turning into this sweet, little man who reaches out for my hand and holds it tightly while watching TV in the car. It makes me feel like being wooed and falling in love all over again everytime he does that.

♥ I have no idea where he learns this but his understanding of running means stretching both his arms to the back while quickening his steps. His star jumps with feet barely leaving the ground are so adorable to watch.
♥ He has been attending Shichida for three terms now and I must say that he has improved tremendously in his linking memory and ESP skills. He still likes the finger play, Japanese phonics song and abacus sessions the best.
♥ Character wise, he’s a cooperative and rather easy to manage toddler, with occasional outbursts now and then regularly triggered by teething and/or impending flu. Other than that, he has a pleasant personality and listens to us most of the time. He’s empathetic too, apologizing quickly with a pat on the head followed by a kiss and a hug whenever he hurts us.
♥ His eczema flare-ups rarely happen now, with the introduction of probiotics to his daily diet.

He’s full of tricks too. Our regular routine is to let him have a bottle of 4oz milk before sleep time and he knows I will call for his daddy from upstairs for more milk if he asks for a second helping. So the other night, he tricked me into believing that he wanted more and so Daddy diligently came up with more milk. Instead of drinking it, he commanded his Daddy to “sleep” while pointing at the bed. The things kids do to get attention… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Ewan turns 20 months (soon)

  1. It’s true when they call a baby one’s “bundle of joy.” Only thing they didn’t say is that THAT joy comes after 15-18 months. Haahaa..

    “There were times when we caught him putting back the items to their original position after playing.”

    My little nephew fished out a truck from under the couch and after playing with it, puts it back under the couch. So funny! 😀

    1. joeyllhow

      The first few months were “bundle of exhaustion”. Then “bundle of discovery” before “joy” comes along…at least to me!

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