In a nutshell: mid-November to mid-December

Whoa! Has it really been a month since I last blogged? It really does take a commitment to maintain a blog but these days, with the extra time I have, I’d rather spend it nurturing my family and catching up on my reading materials.
In a nutshell, here’s what happened throughout the past four weeks:

♥ The highlight of the month is…my eldest sister is pregnant! I have yet to be given the permission to be overly excited for her as she comes to term with the unplanned blessing. She doesn’t visit my blog, so it’s the only avenue I can announce my happiness for now (I had to delete the announcement posted in my Facebook status!).
♥ Our own baby-making plans are put on hold for now as we both agreed that it’s better to space out our children’s ages and spend more time nurturing Ewan to be more physically and emotionally independent before gifting him a sibling. My niece or nephew is due in July and frankly, I CAN’T wait!!
♥ Hubby’s cousin got married and his uncle, aunt and cousins from Canada came visiting for two weeks. We flew to Langkawi after the wedding and spent a few days there. The trip itself could have been a lot better; we came home concluding that there won’t be any more Langkawi trips in the near future. Apart from that, Ewan had a whale of a time with his grandaunt and grandpa.
♥ We also busied ourselves playing tour guide to them, bringing them shopping and dining around, although it would be even better if I could accompany them more, no thanks to the draggy flu I had after the vacation.
♥ While I attended a whole-day seminar and worked on one of the public holidays, Hubby took over and cared for Ewan. The duo had lots of fun together, and I’m delighted to announce that I have never been more proud of him as a father to our child. While I was away, the two of them went to the kids gym, dined out, went for a swim and did some window shopping together.

♥ I have settled down a lot at work, having been assigned many tasks from week one. It’s good because time passes a lot faster and easier when you’re occupied. So far, things are looking great and my colleagues are lovely and helpful. I admire my boss’ positive and cheerful attitude. One day, if I ever get to where she is now, I want to be like her. She’s as understanding and caring as a boss can be, happily granting me time-off to attend Shichida with Ewan every fortnight, taking turns with Hubby. Ewan will be going for a weekend class starting next term.
♥ After a long contemplation weighing between the wrongfulness of a situation and the relationships involved, I have decided to take an unfrequented path, filed a complaint and stood up for myself. I neither intended to get anyone into trouble nor seek for justice, but rather to retrieve the empowerment I have lost during the situation. Getting a reply from the authority was enough to give me a closure and move on.

♥ I recently attended a very beneficial seminar called Spiritual Parenting by Dr Aaron Tan. It was very enlightening and imparted parenting values in a whole new perspective that would never crossed my mind ever. I will share more about this in another post.
♥ I have also been more quiet in Facebook and non-existent in Twitter, mainly because I have begun to feel how time-consuming and distracting they are. Over the months, I have come to prefer the simpler life.

So that’s about how I spent my mid November to mid December. Until then…


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