BabyTalk Dec 2011 – my last issue

I have totally forgotten about writing this post until my BFF, Pelf, tweeted a very heart-warming message about my brainchild. A simple act but it made my heart all warm and fuzzy – BIG TIME!

Here comes the last BabyTalk issue under me:

The little girl is absolutely gorgeous, isn’t it? Seeing her makes me ♥crave♥ for a daughter! Her name is Julka Phoenix and her mum Zhiying is the owner/designer of Poppykins Boutique based in Singapore. Zhiying makes very adorable outfits for little girls. We crossed path when I was seeking for beautiful child models and she was looking to promote her little business.

This is the last BT issue single-handedly managed by me and it’s probably the one that took the most effort. It’s the Christmas issue and I just wanted it to be a little special for our readers with additional 16 pages and a 25-day Christmas giveaway where I gathered baby shops/retailers to sponsor exciting prizes and came out with the giveaway mechanics to drive readership and Facebook fans. From my observation, the campaign sure did served its goals well.

Please excuse the ‘sour’ remarks I’m going to share next, as probably only people who have undergone a similar unfair situation would understand my feelings. Thinking that it’s only right to come and go in dignity, I wrote a one-liner farewell message in the Editor’s Note for this issue to inform my readers about the resignation. There was nothing negative or tarnishing about the sentence. It was then discreetly deleted by that ‘someone’ – also known as ‘siao ren 小人’ before it went to print. When confronted, that 小人 said he will get the new editor to announce on my behalf in the January issue, and that I can contribute a small message in it as well. Of course, that didn’t happen as well and as usual, became just another of his empty promises. Was I digusted by his action? VERY MUCH so but it further justified my decision to leave. I concluded that it’s only something insecure people lacking integrity and honesty will do; I can do my best but what other people do is beyond my control. Anyways…

The issue also includes an article written by MieVee from Mummy’s Reviews, touching Christmas tales as well as a real-life story by a very modern and open-minded mum who defied the norm and got pregnant before getting married. Many women out there went through the same thing but how many actually dare to admit and share it publicly? Courageous people like these inspire me to continue writing. There is also a travel review on our recent Perth trip, featuring the farmstay and some tips on holidaying there.

Moving forward, besides some parts in the January 2012 issue and two of the real-life stories in February, that pretty much sums up my journey with this publication as I continue to focus on my current job and spend my leisure time with family instead. Now, I’m only praying hard that the payment for these jobs will be honoured accordingly. Trying to stay positive here 🙂


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