Revisiting yoga

Women are just super hard to please – too much work, we complain. Less work and easier life, we complain too. I have been gaining weight ever since I started working here. The job keeps me sufficiently occupied throughout the working hours but when it’s time to eat, we really eat. Unlike my days in the Hotel where we would roam the shopping mall after lunch, my colleagues here would usually go back straight to the office after that to avoid the sun and traffic congestion madness. So basically, it’s work-eat-sit everyday, which explains why I’m spotting a tummy that aspires to rival my pregnant colleague’s lately.

It has been 2.5 years since I last practised yoga. As soon as I found out about my pregnancy, I ditched my yoga teacher and ever since that, my life has been nothing but all about the little one. Back then, pre-natal yoga was hard to come by, so it was a really easy way out for me too. It’s not until recently that I got a strong calling from my body to work it out. So much so that I climbed up the stairs at my office building from Level 1 to Level 13 yesterday just to satisfy the urge…and it felt amazingly GOOD! My colleagues think I’ve gone mad from overdose of no-bosses-and-no-work-at-the-end-of-the-year euphoria though.

Plus I know that if it’s free, I won’t take it seriously. So I’m making myself pay and attend the lessons. Plus plus, Hubby and I have agreed to take turns and allow each other a me-time once a week to exercise – him swimming, me yoga. Then life’s back to focusing on the little one, again 🙂

Today’s the day! I can’t wait to breatheeeeeeee….stretchhhhhhh…and heallllll…. Let’s see how long I can last!


3 thoughts on “Revisiting yoga

  1. I have been missing my yoga classes for more than 3 months because I have been attending my Ph.D. classes in UKM. And come mid-January, I will be busy with my Ph.D. research in Kemaman.

    But I really look forward to resuming my classes after mid-March.

    I hope you enjoy your yoga classes! *hugs*

    1. joeyllhow

      The first session was great! I’m doing Iyengar yoga this time around. It’s different from the regular Hatha in a way that it focuses on perfecting the correct poses with the help of yoga aids like belts, blankets, pillows and blocks. Not so much about sweating and burning the calories, and the pace is just nice – great for amateurs like me. Can’t wait for subsequent lessons. The benefits are great, right? Let’s yoga together *hugs* 🙂

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