Are resolutions meant to be kept? Nahhhh…

Jeng jeng jeng, here comes my customary last-day-of-the-year post! Let’s revisit the resolutions set last year and how I have fared:

[?] To continue nurturing Ewan in a positive, healthy and encouraging environment – I have spanked and shouted at him several times in 2011, so can I still put a check there? Besides, who on earth would put such vague resolution?
[?] To be a good role model to Ewan ie. instill more patience, understanding and calmness – Ummm…*no comment*
[X] To worry less and trust more – Hahaha, nothing near there! I’m still an annoyingly buggersome worrywart.
[?] To find a new hobby – think I’ve read extra two books this year. Does that count?
[½ √] To continue rekindle my relationship with Hubby and family – ½√ because that’s what I’d like to think but the true verdict relies on Hubby though.

You know what? I think whomever came up with resolutions idea is a moron trying to make you feel inadequate. Who needs resolutions when according to *sources*, it’s best to sloth live one day at a time? Ishk!

SO I’m not going to make any resolutions for 2012. I’m going to live it wholeheartedly since according to *sources* again, the threat of the Armageddon prophecy is coming true. Accurate or not, I think we all should live today as if tomorrow is our last day on earth. Frankly, if I were to die today, I would die regretfully for not optimising on whatever I am blessed with and use them to benefit others.

With that, I would like to conclude my 2011 with the introduction of a new blog that will drive my aspiration to living a soul-nourishing life: A Kind Deed A Day. Have you clicked on it? Click on it now. Pretty please? Oh come on? Can la? I need more hits!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you and your family a BRIGHTER, HEALTHIER and HAPPIER 2012.

I’ll leave you with a photo of my new plant which is currently residing on my office desk. It’s one of my goals in 2012 to keep it alive 🙂

Meet "Faith", the Ficus Ginseng Jade bonsai

Happy New Year!


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